What is the Full Form of RTO?

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rto full form

The full form of RTO is Regional Transport Office. It is an organization of the Indian government that maintains a database of drivers and a database of vehicles for various states of India. The RTO also issues driving licenses, organizes a collection of vehicle excise duty, and sells personalized registrations.

RTO offices are located in almost all Indian states across India. RTO also started issuing digital driving licenses now.

Function of RTO

RTO is responsible for doing the following tasks:

  • Imposing the provisions of the various acts of motor vehicles, central motor vehicle rules, and the State motor vehicle rules as laid down by the government from time to time
  • Ensuring the coordinated development of road transport through the management of permit
  • Charging and collecting tax as per the provisions of the motor vehicle act
  • Implementing new amendments into force with relation to the Indian Motor Vehicle Act 1988

Officers in RTO

The officers in RTO are ranked from lower to highest. 

  • Junior Inspector of Motor Vehicles
  • Senior Inspector of Motor Vehicles
  • Assistant Regional Transport Officer
  • Regional Transport Officer

What is the Difference Between RTO and RTA?

  • RTO is an office of the government responsible for regulating road transport in India. It is under the control of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. While RTA is the governing body for road transport in some states in India. 
  • RTA issues permits and licenses to vehicles and drivers regulates fares, and ensures safety and security on the roads. The RTO, on the other hand, registers vehicles, issues driving licenses, and maintains records of vehicles and drivers
  • RTO conducts driving tests and issues driver’s licenses. In some states, the RTA also issues  permits for goods vehicles and public transport vehicles

RTO State Codes of India

AP Andhra Pradesh
AR Arunachal Pradesh
BR Bihar
CG Chhattisgarh
GA Goa
GJ Gujarat
HP Himachal Pradesh
HR Haryana
JH Jharkhand
JK Jammu and Kashmir
KA Karnataka
KL Kerala
LD Lakshadweep
MH Maharashtra
ML Meghalaya
MN Manipur
MP Madhya Pradesh
MZ Mizoram
NL Nagaland
OD Odisha
PB Punjab
RJ Rajasthan
SK Sikkim
TN Tamil Nadu
TS Telangana
TR Tripura
UP Uttar Pradesh
UK Uttarakhand
WB West Bengal

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