What is the full form of PCI?

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PCI full form is Peripheral Component Interconnect, Payment Card Industry Compliance, Pharmacy Council of India, and Per Capita Income. PCI has different meanings in different fields. Learn more about each of these by reading on.

PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect)

PCI Full Form is Peripheral Component Interconnect. It helps connect hardware devices like sound board, extension board, etc to the computer. PCI has a high data transfer rate and low latency. PCI is essentially a connector used to put through the card to transfer data. The benefit of PCI is that you may connect a lot of devices to the system to boost the performance of the motherboard. A PCI graphics card, however, cannot access system memory. PCI is now replaced by PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) . Clock speed of PCI was 66 MHz, and could either be 32 or 64 bits wide.

PCI (Pharmacy Council of India)

Pharmacy Council of India was formed under the Pharmacy Act, section 3,

on the 4th of March in 1948. It was formed after parliament passed the Pharmacy Act in 1948. It is a government initiative body that regulates the education of pharmacy and a profession in india.

The Pharmacy Council of India’s duty is to:

  • Find out what level of education a chemist must have to be qualified.
  • To ensure that the national educational standards are applied consistently
  • To identify the requirements that an institution wanting to provide pharmacy education must meet

PCI (Per Capita Income)

Per Capita Income is the average of the amount earned by an individual in a specific geographical region. Dividing the total income of a nation by the entire population (counts everyone, even the infants) of the country gives the Per Capita Income. It helps in understanding the quality of life of people in an area and the standard of living.

PCI (Payment card industry) compliance

Credit card transactions are secure and safe thanks to Payment card industry (PCI) compliance. PCI compliance refers to the operational and technological guidelines that businesses adhere to in order to protect the credit card information that customers provide and send during transactions. The PCI Security Standards Council has made PCI regulations mandatory.

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