What is the Full Form of MPCB?

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MPCB Full Form

The full form of MPCB is Motor Protection Circuit Breaker. It is a type of protection device for electrical equipment that is designed to especially protect the motors. In addition, MPCB is also used to protect the associated circuits of the motors from electrical overloads and faults. As its name implies, it breaks the current circuit at times of electrical faults and protects the machinery from damage. It is different from MCB, MCB is used for a wide range of circuit protection functions, whereas MPCB is specifically designed for the protection of electric motors. 

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MPCB Full Form: Features

Given below are some of the main features of MPCB:

  • The main feature of MPCB is to break the circuit at times when the motor draws more current than the specified limit.
  • Another main feature of MPCB is that it can immediately reconnect the motor to the power supply as soon as the fault is eliminated.
  • MPCB is used in phase imbalance when the motor receives an unbalanced power supply and gets heated, the MPCB deactivates the motor.

Thus, MPCB performs two functions, prevent short-circuit and protect from overload. This is done by two mechanisms magnetic coil for short circuit protection and bi-metallic strips for thermal overload protection. 

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Advantages of MPCB

Given below are the advantages of MPCB:

  • Motor protection circuit breakers are used for industrial and commercial purposes.
  • It is used in industries to carry out critical components of operations.
  • MPCB not only provides protection, but also increases the lifespan of motors, reduces downtime, and it also saves the cost of frequent repairs and replacements of motors.
  • It prevents short circuits, line-to-line faults, and line-to-ground faults.
  • MPCB requires less place as it is small in size.
  • It also has a special feature through which the current limit can be adjusted.

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