What is the Full Form of PCB?

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The Full Form of PCB

The full form of PCB is Printed Circuit Board. PCBs are small, non-conductive circuit boards that completely encapsulate copper circuitry in an electrical circuit. Also, examples of such materials include plastic, fiberglass, composite epoxy, and others. It has conductive paths for attaching different parts, including transistors, resistors, ICs (integrated circuits), and so on. Additionally, it offers mechanical support and a conduit for current to travel to the device’s electrical parts.

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are necessary for digital cameras, motherboards, computing devices, graphics cards, TVs, laptops, network cards, mobile phones, and other electronics and internal hard drive circuit boards.

History of PCB

Below mentioned is the history of PCB:

  • The printed circuit, which is a part of a radio set, it was developed by Austrian engineer Paul Eisler when he was working in the UK in 1936.
  • It was later used by the US to make proximity fuzes for the Second World War. The invention release for commercial usage in the USA following the Second World War.
  • It is currently present in many electrical products because they are updated yearly.

Qualities of PCB

Below mentioned are the qualities of PCB:

  • The technology it has for the hall walls expands its potential.
  • Fewer components are used and assembled on both sides of the board thanks to surface mounting technology.
  • Its foundation or basis is made of a sturdy substance.
  • There are several layers that make them up, and each has special qualities.

Advantages of PCB

However, the advantages of printed circuit boards are:

  • It stops short circuits and tight connections.
  • Low noise electronic devices.
  • Lower price
  • Reworkable
  • Simple diagnoses and repairs
  • Lengthened lifespan
  • Complex circuit complexity and dependability.

Limitations of PCB

However,the disadvantages of printed circuit boards are:

  • Insufficient for a Fine Pitch
  • Heat Shock Attack
  • Expensive PCB surfaces

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