What is the Full Form of NGT?

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NGT Full Form

The full form of NGT is the National Green Tribunal. It is a specialized body in India that was established under the National Green Tribunal Act, of 2010. The primary objective of this tribunal is to handle environmental disputes and ensure effective and expeditious justice in matters related to the environment. In the blog, we will delve into NGT full form and know more about it.

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How was NGT Formed?

NGT was set up in response to the growing concern over environmental issues and the need for a dedicated forum to adjudicate matters relating to the protection and conservation of the environment. The National Green Tribunal Act was enacted by the Parliament of India on October 18, 2010, and the tribunal came into existence on October 18, 2010.

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Composition of NGT

NGT operates under the mandate of the National Green Tribunal Act, of 2010. The tribunal consists of both judicial and expert members. The following are the key features of NGT’s composition:

  1. Chairperson: The tribunal is headed by a Chairperson who is a retired judge of the Supreme Court of India or a retired Chief Justice of a High Court.
  2. Judicial Members: NGT has a fixed number of judicial members who are experts in environmental law and possess relevant judicial experience.
  3. Expert Members: The tribunal comprises expert members who specialize in various fields, such as environmental sciences, biodiversity conservation, and pollution control.

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Did You Know?

Unlike conventional Indian courts, the NGT aims to resolve environmental cases quickly within 6-12 months.

Key Functions and Powers

NGT has been entrusted with several crucial functions and powers to ensure effective protection and preservation of the environment. Let’s take a look at some of its key responsibilities:

  1. Adjudicatory Role
  2. Remedial Measures
  3. Penalties and Fines
  4. Review and Monitoring
  5. Prevention and Control

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