What is the Full Form of CTI?

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Full Form of CTI

The full form of CTI is Computer Telephony Integration. The term “computer telephony integration” (CTI) refers to any technology that allows computers and telephones to connect. This technology, which is mostly employed in call centres, is typically used to describe desktop interactions that boost the productivity of human agents.

In other words, these choices eliminate the need for a landline and offer a lot more features than traditional phone systems. Instead, you can utilise programmable call settings to get important client information and manage call flow remotely.

It just deals with calls. You may combine a variety of contact options, such as SMS texting, faxing, live chat, and more, into a single interface thanks to its centralised communication hub. Information is accessible even to computers. You can use the dashboard to access your CRM system and monitor significant data and KPIs.


Check out the features of CTI given below:

Screen Popping: Examples of call information display include caller identification (ANI), number dialled (DNIS), and screen pop on an answer. This usually involves searching for the caller’s data in a commercial programme.

Dialling: Power dialling, predictive dialling, and preview dialling are examples of automatic and computer-controlled dialling.

Phone Control: Phone Control includes feature control (DND, call forwarding, etc.) as well as call control (answer, hang up, hold, conference, etc.).

Transfers: Coordinated phone and data transfers between two parties are referred to as transfers (for instance, passing on the Screen pop with the call).

Users that register as call centre representatives can control their agent states (Ready, Busy, Not Ready, Break, etc.).

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