20 Impressive Facts About Peacocks!

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Amazing Facts About Peacock

Although peacocks are easily found in zoos, parks, and farms around the world, it is known to a few that they are native to Asia. Although they are primarily admired for their blue and green tail feathers which make them look magnificent, peacocks hold great significance in Hinduism and Indian royalty. For instance, Lord Kartikeya, the song of lord Shiva, is seen mounted on a peacock named Paravani as his vahana or vehicle. Here are other amazing facts about peacocks for students.

Interesting Facts About Peacock

1. The Indian peacock was declared the national bird of India in 1963. 

2. Peacocks and peafowl are omnivores which means they eat meat as well as small snakes, insects, fruits, berries, etc. 

3. Peacocks are also known as mayura, which loosely translates as the killer of snakes.

4. The average lifespan of peacocks is between 15 to 20 years in the wild. However, they can live up to 40 years in captivity.

5. The average running speed of peacocks can be anywhere up to 10 mph. 

6. All male peacocks do train rattling in which they stretch their tail and create a drumroll-like rustling sound. This helps to woo a suitable partner. However, female peacocks do not fan out their feathers like male peacocks. 

Amazing Facts About Peacock

7. Male Indian peacocks have beautiful green and blue plumage with a long tail. On the other hand, Indian peahens are of a brown, and dull grey colour. 

8. Upon hatching, male and female peacocks look identical. Males take around three months to develop their beautiful colours and up to full maturity to develop their tale aesthetics. 

9. Peacocks also undergo a molting process in which they naturally shed their feathers at the end of every mating season. They grow them again for a longer and fuller appearance in the next mating season. 

10. Peahens judge their partners by their appearance, visual display of features, train rattling, dancing, and other vocalizations.

11. In Medieval times, peacocks and other exotic animals were served as food for royal families on special occasions. 

12. According to research, peahens, when reach a certain age, may stop producing as much estrogen as before, and thus start to look and sound like males. 

13. White peacocks are rarely found in nature. This is due to leucism, a genetic condition in which the peacock loses its pigmentation from feathers. 

14. Peacocks can fly shorter distances despite their heavy and long tail feathers. 

15. Congo peafowl, a lesser-known species of peacock, is the national bird of the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Amazing Facts About Peacock

16. Peacocks do not like snakes in their territory. If found any, they will fight and eventually eat it, if the opportunity presents itself. 

17. Peacocks build their nest on the ground even though they can easily easily perch in trees.

18. The crest of a female peacock helps her feel the vibrations of a mate who might be far away from her location. 

Amazing Facts About Peacock

19. The features of a peacock are covered in tiny crystals which make appear irresistibly beautiful to our eyes. 

20. A peahen can lay up to 6-12 eggs during the breeding season. 

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