What is VDU Full Form?

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VDU full form

The VDU full form is the Visual Display Unit. It is a device that is used to display text and graphics on a screen. They are often synonymous with the monitor and are used in computers to display the output of a given command. A VDU consists of a flat-screen or a flat-panel display such as LED or LCD. It also consists of a circuit board that functions to drive the screen and process the input and output signal. A VDU is an integral part of the computer as it enables the user to see what is happening on the screen. 

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What are the Functions of VDU?

A VDU performs the following functions:

  • The basic function of a VDU is to display texts and graphics. These could be anything such as websites, documents, spreadsheets and more. 
  • It functions as a visual interface that allows the user to see and understand the information displayed on the screen.
  • It enables the user to multitask as they can view multiple tasks at the same time and execute programs on them.
  • Some of the VDU devices enable users to see the information in a high-resolution display which can provide a more detailed and accurate representation of the information. 

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What are the Benefits of VDU?

The following are the benefits of using a VDU:

  • It enables multitasking for the user improves productivity and the user can work more efficiently with clear and easy-to-read information 
  • A VDU has many connectivity options such as HDMI, DisplayPort which enables the users to connect the VDU device to other devices as well such as a TV or computer
  • It is easy to use a VDU device with simple controls and an intuitive interface 
  • VDUs also allow the users to customize depending on their specific needs such as reducing eye strain, or optimising display for specific graphics 

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