30 Interesting Facts about Indian Army That You Should Know

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The Indian army is the fourth strongest military throughout the globe, after the USA, Russia, and China. Keeping the nation’s boundaries and people safe is their ultimate goal. It is one of the Indian Armed Forces based on protecting the land. The president of India is the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and is also a four-star general. Here we will cover the top 30 interesting facts about the Indian army. There are only two ranks with five stars on the shoulder which is the rank of field Marshall. To understand the roles and responsibilities of the Indian army, refer to the below-mentioned table. 

Defence and DeterrenceThe Primary role is to defend the nation’s borders, deter external aggression, and maintain territorial integrity. Deployed along India’s borders, including LoC with Pakistan and LAC with China.
Counterinsurgency OperationsEngaged in counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations, particularly in conflict-prone regions like Jammu and Kashmir and the Northeast, ensuring internal security.
Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR)Significant role in disaster relief operations, aiding civilians during natural calamities (floods, earthquakes), showcasing a commitment to civil assistance.

Now let’s discuss the top 30 interesting facts about the Indian Army that you should know. 

  1. It was under British rule of East India Company when the Indian army was born, in 1776in Kolkata. 
  1. In the First World War (28 Jul 1914- 11 Nov 1918), there were 1,61,000 personnel in the Indian army, of which half were from Punjab. They backed 13,000 gallantry medals out of which 12 were Victoria crosses (The highest and most prestigious decoration of the British honor system)

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  1. All the army men who died in the First World War were given tribute in the form of a monument in Delhi, India Gate with names incarnated on it. 
  1. In the India-Pakistan war in 1947, 1942, 1948, 1965, and 1971, a total of 1104, 3250, 3264, 3843, and 1157 died from the Indian army but Pakistan lost every time. 

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  1. High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS), established on 11 Dec 1948 in Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir, is regarded as the top training center globally. 
  1. India is the second Largest Troop Contributor (TCC) with 7,676 personnel deployed in 10 out of 16 active UN Peacekeeping Missions. Indian army also plays a significant role in such missions. Isn’t it an amazing fact about the Indian Army to be proud of?
  1. The most known Indian army cavalry is the 61st Cavalry Regiment which is the last and largest horse-mounted cavalry throughout the world. 
Source- The Wire
  1. The oldest paramilitary force in India was created in the year 1835, as Assam Rifles. 
  1. Hyderabad became a part of Indian territory only after ‘Operation Polo’ was launched by the Indian Army in 1948. Before that, it was a princely state. 

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  1. The Indian Army’s motto is ‘Service Before Self.’
  1. Indian Army constructed the highest bridge, the Bailley Bridge. 
  1. The world’s highest battlefield is Siachen Glacier, Kashmir. In 1984, the India-Pakistan army war took place at a height of 6,700 m (22,000 ft.)in temperatures -60°C (-76°F), making it to the World Guinness Record. The name of the war is the Siachen War or Operation Meghdoot. 
Source: Quora

  1. The Indian Army’s Gorkha Regiment serves in the Indian and UK armies. Gurkhas take on ceremonial duties and play a crucial role in safeguarding Buckingham Palace. They are known for ferocious combat skills, indomitable spirit, fearless reputation, Gurkha khukuri (Traditional Weapon), elite selection process, and discipline out of all the regiments in the Indian army. 
  1. The Indian army’s Amar Post is situated at an altitude of 21,153 ft, which is even above the Siachen glacier. 
  1. The Indian Army uses the intelligence and loyalty of dogs. However, unlike other countries, Indian military dogs are not ‘Put to sleep.’ 

Source- SSB Crack

  1. Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, gives an IMA CREDO to all its students that says “The safety, honor, and welfare of your country come first, always and every time. The honor, welfare, and comfort of the men you command come next. Your ease, comfort, and safety come last, always and every time. 
  1. Ladakh, the travel destination for most bakers has one of the cleanest and broadest roads in the whole country. All these roads are maintained and built by the Border Road Organization (BRO) which is a road construction executive force. The Indian Army Pioneer Corps is attached to BRO task forces. 
Source- Ministry of Defence

  1. This fact about the Indian Army is related to the second fact. Indian Army is the world’s largest-standing all-volunteer army consisting of 1.2 million active troops and 0.9 million reserve troops. 
  1. One of the largest civilian rescue and relief operations was “Operation Rahat” in the floods in North India in the year 2013. Although the majorly of people from parts of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh were rescued by the Indian Air Force (IAF), a total of 10,500 individuals were saved by the Indian Army as well. 

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  1. Unlike any other government job in India, it is a great fact about the Indian Army that there is no reservation in the selection process. Although it goes for all uniformed services. 
  1. The Indian Army consists of 27 regiments well known for their bravery. The Sikh regiment is the highest decorated regiment of the Indian Army. The Rajput regiment is the oldest regiment formed in 1778 with the motto “Sarvatra Vijay” (Victory everywhere). 
Source- Postoast

  1. As per a famous historian, Adolf Hitler, the greatest dictator in the world, expressed his desire to have a Gurkha regiment in his army. Had it happened, he would have captured the whole of Europe. 
  1. In the early 70’s and 90’s Indian army was able to covertly test all the military arsenals without the notice of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It is also considered one of the CIA’s biggest failures. 
  1. This fact about the Indian Army is mostly about the operations of the army. Agni (Fire) Missile series is one of the best in the world. However AGNI I failed the first two tests. On 11 March 2024, India finally revealed the victorious testing of an Agni Missile which is capable of carrying multiple warheads. This can strike multiple targets at the same time. 
Source- India Today

  1. The battle of Longewala is the epitome of bravery of the Indian Army. In December 1971, 120 Indian army men with M40 recoilless rifles fought 2000 Pakistan army men who had 45 tanks and one mobile infantry. Although they were outnumbered, only two personnel were martyred. 
  1. The Kumaon regiment of the Indian army is also known as the creed of the man-eaters. Founded in 1985, the battalion was converted to special forces. It is the first recipient of gallantry awards. Moreover, Param Vir Chakra (PVC) Maj Somnath Sharma, is from this regiment only. 
  1. The Indian army officer rank starts from lieutenant, followed by captain, major, lieutenant colonel, colonel, brigadier, major general, lieutenant general, general, and the final promotion is Field Marshall. 
  1. Thai fact about the Indian Army is not known to people that the recent combat uniform of the Indian Army is designed by the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). It is designed in a way that it can be won in different terrains because it consists of a digital pattern. 
Source- Times of India 

  1. Uttar Pradesh is the leader in Military Service among the rest 28 states. 
  1. Well, the last one is not much of a fact but rather a proud statement that the Indian army has never used its power on any nation or issue first. 

War Cry and Motto of Different Regiments

For more reference about the different regiments, their warcry, and motto, refer to the table below. 

RegimentWar CryMotto
The Dogra regiment (1877)Jwala Mata Ki Jai(Victory to Goddess Jwala)Kartavyam Anvatma
The Assam regiment (1947)Rhino ChargeAsam Vikram(Unique Valour)
The Bihar Regiment (1941)Jai Bajrang Bali(Victory to Bajrang Bali)Birsa Munda Ki Jai (Victory to Birsa Munda)Karam Hi Dharam (Work is worship)
The Grenadiers regiment (1788)Sarvada Shaktishali(Always Strong)Sarvada Shaktishali(Ever Powerful)
The Sikh Regiment (1846)Nischay Kar Apni Jeet Karon (With determination, I will be triumphant).Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal (one will be blessed eternally who says that God is the ultimate)
The Mahar regiment (1941)Bolo Hindustan Ki Jai (Say Victory to India)Yash Sidhi” (Success & Attainment)
The Kumaon regiment (1813)Kalika Mata Ki Jai(Victory to the Great Goddess Kali)
Bajrang Bali Ki Jai(Victory to Bajrang Bali) 
Dada Kishan Ki Jai(Victory to Dada Kishan)
Parakramo Vijayate (Valour Triumphs)
The Naga regiment(1970)Jai Durga Naga(Hail Durga Naga)Parakramo Vijayate(Vaour Triumph)
The Madras Regiment(1758)Veera Madrassi, Adi Kollu, Adi Kollu(Brave Madrassi, Hit, and Kill, Hit, and Kill!)Swadharme Nidhanam Shreya (It is a glory to die doing one’s duty
The JAK-LI regiment(1947)Bharat Mata Ki Jai(Victory to Mother India)Balidanam Vir Lakshanam (Sacrifice is a characteristic of the Brave)
The Ladakh scouts regiment(1948)Ki Ki So So Lhargyalo” (Victory to God)Shatrujeet (The Conqueror)

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