Who Chaired The First Round Table Conference?

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Who Chaired The First Round Table Conference

The first round table conference was a significant event in the history of India’s journey to independence. It took place in London from November 1930 to January 1932 and aimed to discuss possible reforms for British India. The conference was held between the British government and the Indian National Congress. However, one question that often arises when discussing this conference is: Who chaired the first round table conference?

The Chairman of the First Round Table Conference

The first round table conference was chaired by Ramsay MacDonald. Ramsay MacDonald was a British politician from the Labour Party and served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the time of the conference. 

  • He took on the responsibility of leading the discussions and ensuring that all voices were heard during the conference. 
  • His role as the chairman was to facilitate constructive dialogue among the various participants and work towards finding common ground on the issues at hand.
Ramsay MacDonald

On November 12, 1930, His Majesty George V officially inaugurated the Round Table Conference in the Royal Gallery House of Lords in London. 

  • While the Congress and most business leaders boycotted the conference, the Muslim League, the Hindu Mahasabha, the Liberals and princes attended it. 
  • The British Government realized that the Indian National Congress needed to be involved in deciding the future of constitutional government in India. 
  • The first round table conference did not lead to any immediate breakthrough in terms of constitutional reforms for India. 
  • However, it laid the groundwork for further discussions and negotiations that helped in India’s national movements.
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