List of Awards and Honours for Competitive Exams

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List of Awards and Honours

One topic you should focus on studying for if you are getting ready for any competitive exams is awards and honours. People receive awards as a sign of respect for their outstanding contributions to a particular field or area of expertise.

To give the aspirants a List of Awards and Honours for Competitive Exams, which will help in the preparation of upcoming competitive exams such as Railways, SSC, UPSC, Defence Exams ( AFCAT, NDA, CDS ) and more. You can learn about the various honours and awards given to people for their exceptional achievements in India by reading through this list. So, keep reading to discover more about these prestigious accolades.

List of Awards and Honours

Every government competitive exam that is administered these days includes questions about awards, honours, and their respective fields. It is an important topic in Static GK because it showcases the achievements made by citizens in various fields.

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Civilian Awards In India In Order – Civilian Awards List

Civilian Awards Names Field Introduced/Established
Bharat Ratna Arts, literature, science, and public services 1954
Padma Vibhushan Exceptional And Distinguished Service 1954
Padma Bhushan Distinguished Service Of a Higher Order 1954
Padma Shri Distinguished Service 1954
  • Bharat Ratna – India’s highest civilian award
  • Padma Vibhushan – India’s second-highest civilian award
  • Padma Bhushan – India’s third-highest civilian award
  • Padma Shri – India’s fourth-highest civilian award
  • Nobel Prize – International award for outstanding achievements in various fields
  • Magsaysay Awards – Awarded for outstanding contributions to public service, leadership, journalism, literature, and creative arts
  • Pulitzer Prize – Awarded for achievements in newspaper, magazine, and online journalism, literature, and musical composition
  • Academy Awards (Oscars) – Awards for achievements in the film industry
  • Booker Prize – Awarded for the best original novel written in English and published in the UK
  • Arjuna Award – India’s second-highest sporting award
  • Dronacharya Award – India’s highest sporting coaching award
  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award – India’s highest sporting award
  • Gallantry Awards – Awarded for bravery and valor in the face of adversity.

Gallantry Awards In India In Order

Gallantry awards are a category of awards that are given to members of the military and police forces for their extraordinary acts of bravery and valor in the line of duty. These awards are a way to honor and recognize the exceptional courage and selflessness of the awardees in the face of adversity. In India, the gallantry awards are categorized into two types -War Time Award and Peace time Award.

Wartime Gallantry Awards In India

The awards and honours that come under the War Time Award are as follows:

  • Param Vir Chakra: It is India’s highest award for bravery.
  • Mahavir Chakra: It is the second-highest gallantry award.
  • Vir Chakra: It is the third-highest gallantry award.
Param Vir Chakra Military 1950
Maha Vir Chakra Military 1950
Vir Chakra Military 1950

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Peacetime Gallantry Awards In India

The awards and honours that come under the Piece Time Award are as follows:

  • Ashok Chakra: It is the highest peace-time gallantry award.
  • Kirti Chakra: Kirti Chakra is equivalent to the Maha Vir Chakra award of wartime gallantry awards. This is the second in order of precedence of peacetime gallantry awards.
  • Shauraya Chakra: Shaurya Chakra is a peacetime gallantry award equivalent to Vir Chakra. It is an Indian military decoration award for courageous action or an act of self-sacrifice while not in direct action of combat against the enemy.
Ashok Chakra Civilians, Military personnel 1952
Kirti Chakra Civilians, Military personnel 1952
Shaurya Chakra Civilians, Military personnel 1952

Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize is given every year to those eminent persons who have made pioneering achievements in fields, like, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Peace, Literature and Economics. Apart from Economics, all other categories have been given since 1901. Economics Nobel Prize was instituted in 1967 and was first given in 1969.

Nobel Laureates of India Field Year
Rabindranath Tagore Literature  1913
C.V. Raman Physics 1930
Mother Teresa Peace  1979
Amartya Sen Economic Studies 1998
Kailash Satyarthi Peace 2014
  • It is the most coveted international award in the world.
  • Instituted by Alfred Bernard Nobel (inventor of dynamite).
  • The award is given on December 10 (the death anniversary of Alfred Bernard Nobel).

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