What is the full form of IMS? 

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IMS full form

The full form of IMS is Integrated management system. It is a system which integrates different organisation systems like Environmental management systems, Quality Management Systems, etc. so that an organisation is able to operate as a single unit and work towards common objectives. It unifies processes and various elements which helps in increasing efficiency and saving time and cost of an organisation. IMS helps in removing unnecessary practices in the operational structure of an organisation such as multiple audits for each standard. In a single audit, all the audit work can be completed for all the standards. 

Benefits of IMS  

Mentioned below are some of the advantages of Integrated Management System: 

  • IMS helps in making channels of communication better.
  • IMS harmonises the operations of the workplace in an organisation. 
  • IMS provides a balance and circumvents conflicting objectives of the organisation. 
  • IMS aids in reducing the costs of an organisation as it helps in avoiding duplication of processes.
  • IMS ensures consistency in an organisation as the whole company works on a single framework. 

Other Full Forms of IMS 

Apart from Integrated Management System, there are three other full forms of IMS that are discussed briefly below. 

Information Management System

Information Management System (IMS) is another full form of IMS. The structure of the software that provides data collecting, storage, classification, and delivery is known as an information management system. Any organisation must treat information carefully to get the most value out of it because data is an asset. The firm can perform effectively and efficiently with the aid of a good information management system. IMS makes it simple for all organisational stakeholders to access data.

Inventory Management System 

One of the other full forms of IMS is Inventory Management System. It is a system of software that helps in the management of the software. Keeping track of the procurement of raw materials, manufacture of goods, storage of goods, transport of goods, and sales of goods requires inventory management. It is mostly utilised by enterprises that sell items and by groups in the manufacturing industry. In order to help the organisation keep a lid on overstocking and understocking, the IMS offers a software system where users can simply track their interests.

Indian Maritime Services 

Another full form of IMS is Indian Maritime Services. Indian Maritime Services is a 2007-founded business with offices in Navi Mumbai that offers all necessary services for maritime boats. It is a commercial business that provides technical support, boat repair tools, cargo facilities, and other services necessary for maintaining vessels at Indian seaports.

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