What is the Full Form of DBMS?

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The full form of DBMS is Database Management System. As the name suggests, it is a software commonly used to store, retrieve, and manage users’ data. Popular examples of DBMS include MySQL and Oracle. DBMS is a reliable, efficient, and effective way of data processing and management. DBMS today offers a wide range of management features which can be further divided into categories such as data definition, update, retrieval, and administration.

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History of DBMS

  • The first Database Management System was created in the year 1960 by Charles Bachman.
  • A few years later in 1970, it was replaced by another Information Management System (IMS) released by IBM.
  • In 1973, two researchers named Eugene Wong and Michael Stonebreaker began their experiments by researching relational database systems. 
  • Consequently, other competitors felt pressured to come up with a far better alternative.
  • In 1974, IBM released its new technology in database management systems known as SQL.

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What are the Advantages of DBMS?

The advantages of Database Management System include:

  • Efficient memory management
  • Faster processing of queries than other file systems
  • Compatible with multiple user interfaces
  • Better control of redundancy and inconsistent data

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What are the Disadvantages of DBMS?

  • It requires regular updates to work efficiently
  • DBMS is not user-friendly and thus requires proper training of the user
  • It also requires proper hardware and software 
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