What is the Full Form of IG?

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IG Full Form

The full form of IG is Inspector-General of Police. In multiple nations, an IG works as a senior police officer in their respective police department as well as the police service. Usually, the rank of a general of police is correlated as per proper regional command within the police force. Not to mention, this specific force is identical to the primary representative as per the entire national police in numerous countries. Keep in mind that an individual can only become an Inspector General of Police only when they have served 19 years as an IPS officer

What is an Inspector General of Police?

The primary objective of the Inspector General of Police is to investigate as well as conduct inspections. Keep in mind that the Inspector General has proper and independent command as per the police force. They are also expected to perform different types of national duties mentioned during their legislation. 

The current Inspector General of Police in India is Sanjay Singh. Initially, the Inspector General was considered the highest-paying officer in the police department. However, after some specific modifications in the legislation, the ranking has been considered below GDP and Additional GDP. 

Functions of an Inspector General

The functions of an inspector general are:

  • He makes sure that the police from the various districts and areas under his control cooperate.
  • In relation to man-management and modesty in their conduct and behaviour, while doing their tasks, he gives instructions to officials under his station.
  • With DGP and SP who report to him, he shares copies of his tour schedule.
  • In a crisis, he has the power to overrun Range DIG and SP and seize total command.
  • The Inspector-General of Police and the District office are connected by the IG of a zone.
  • He is permitted to be informed of any significant instances of officer misconduct reported within his coverage area.

Roles of Inspector General 

The Inspector General plays a crucial role in the Indian Police Force. When you become an IG, you will be responsible for carrying out different types of objectives as well as different audits on operations and programs for the DHS. 

An IG also needs to promote efficiency and economy in addition to the effectiveness of the FHS programs and operations. The Inspector General of Police also needs to inform the regarding the problems and progress according to the DHS operations as well as the programmes to the Secretary. They also need to come up with solutions to the problems. 

Keep in mind that usually, the President of India promotes an individual to an IG position. They will also be appointed by a senate. 

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