What is the Full Form of SDC?

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The full form of SDC is the State Data Centre. Under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the SDC is a part of the E-Governance Infrastructure which also includes Aadhaar and Digital Locker. SDC has been identified as one of the significant elements of the core infrastructure for supporting e-Governance initiatives of the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP)

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What is the Purpose of SDC?

The purpose of SDC includes:

  • State Data Centre capsulizes services, applications, and infrastructure to deliver efficient electronic delivery of Government-to-Government (G2G), Government-to-Citizen (G2C) and Government-to-Business (G2B) services.
  • These services can be generated by the States via a shared delivery platform coherently supported by core Connectivity Infrastructure such as State Wide Area Network (SWAN) and Common Service Centre (CSC) connectivity expanded up to the village level. 
  • State Data Centre will deliver numerous functionalities and key functionalities being Central Repository of the State, Secure Data Storage, Online Delivery of Services, Citizen Information/Services Portal, State Intranet Portal, Disaster Recovery, Remote Management and Service Integration, etc.
  • They will also supply better operation & management control and minimize the overall cost of Data Management, IT Resource Management, Deployment, and other costs.

Other Full Forms of SDC

  • Skill Development Centre- A training center that provides vocational education and skills training.
  • Systems Development Centre- Concentrates on giving technology-based resolutions to clients and delivering a vast range of services, which includes software development, infrastructure management, and testing.
  • Specialized Diploma Courses- Diploma courses specializing in a particular area. 

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