What is the Full Form of PYQ?

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The full form of PYQ is Previous Year Questions or Past Year Questions. It refers to those questions which appeared in the last few years in a particular exam. In today’s competitive world where students are excelling academically to gain admission to prestigious colleges, the importance of solving PYQ has increased drastically. Whether you are a school student or a fresh graduate wanting to study abroad, previous-year question papers can make or break the deal. Keep on reading to find out the advantages of practicing PYQS. 

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Why are PYQs Important?

When it comes to getting familiar with the most popular and important entrance examinations of your academic life, PYQs can turn the tables upside down. There are numerous advantages to solving PYQs before appearing for the examination. From helping you get familiar with the syllabus to increasing your speed of solving questions, PYQs have a lot to offer.

PYQ helps students get familiar with the overall structure, syllabus, and distribution of marks in their examinations. This helps first-time students get a grasp of the examination.

Students get insights into how much they have prepared and the concepts that they still need to learn, understand, and revise. 

Past year question papers help students understand which concepts are more important than others. This way, they can prioritize sections that often make their appearance in the examination and avoid missing them out. 

Previous year question papers also help students with effective time management. 

Once you start understanding the syllabus and the type of questions that appear frequently, you get a confidence boost. This helps in acing the real examination without any fear or doubt.

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