20 Articles about the Powers and Functions of a Governor in India

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Powers and Functions of a Governor in India

A Governor has multiple powers and functions as he/she is the Head of the Executive Powers of the Government. Moreover, one major function a Governor has to perform is that of the Head of the State. Furthermore, this responsibility itself comes with the power to appoint a Chief Minister, approve the Legislature Bills, and many more. However, they can perform Functions after the advice of the President of India. Refer to the table for the Powers and Functions of a Governor and the Articles of the Indian Constitution

Functions of Governor in the Constitution of India

Like the President of India, the Governor shares the same set of responsibilities and functions. In addition, different Articles of the Constitution have different powers outlined for the Governors. 

Articles about the Powers and Functions of a Governor in India
ArticlesPowers and Functions of a Governor 
Article 153Governor for each state
Article 154The governor has the Executive power of the state
Article 155Governor shall be appointed by the President
Article 156The governor can hold office as long as the President
Article 157Underlines the qualification requirements of the governor
Article 158Outlines the conditions of the office
Article 159Explains the oath the Governor has to take
Article 160Functions of certain contingencies of the governor
Article 161Power of govt. To grant pardons
Article 163Council of Ministers to aid and advise the governor
Article 164The governor appoints the Chief Minister
Article 166Executive actions to be taken by the governor
Article 167Duties of the Chief Minister concerning the information shared by the governor
Article 171The composition of the legislative assembly
Article 174Governor to take sessions of the state legislature, propagation, and dissolution
Article 175Shares the right of the governor
Article 176Special address mentioned by the governor
Article 192Decision on disqualification of members
Article 200Assent to bills
Articles about the Powers and Functions of a Governor in India

Moreover, many more Articles in the Indian Constitution give powers to the various authorities of the government. 

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This is all about the Powers and Functions of a Governor. For more content related to the different states of India, visit our Civics and Polity archives. 

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