What is the Full Form of IFS?

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Indian Foreign Service is the full form of IFS. It is the administrative and diplomatic wing of Group A and B Central Services. There are several perks of being an IFS offer. For example, dealing with new challenges, monetary benefits to traveling to different countries. IFS offers are recruited either through the UPSC exams {consisting of prelims, mains and interview} or the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) for group A and B services respectively.  Keep reading to know more about the Indian Foreign Service.

Full Form of IFS: Job Roles

The job roles of the IFS are as follows:

  • Be responsible for representing India in its embassies, Consulates, High commissions abroad and in the United Nations.
  • Update MEAs on important matters, and represent India on national and international levels.
  • Safeguard Indian affairs and concerns in the country they are sent to
  • Develop diplomatic ties with all stakeholders. It includes PIOs and NRIs in the country of their posting
  • Negotiate important matters, and provide consular access to the foreign nationals and NRIs
  • Frame government policies and be responsible for managing Indian missions abroad
  • To develop, co-create, and to maintain economic relations between India and other countries
  • Inform about the development that can affect the national interest of India

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Full Form of IFS: Benefits 

The benefits of becoming an IFS officer are as follows:

  • Get to represent India on national and international levels and work hard to achieve the national goals
  • Travel in countries across the world. IFS officers also get the benefits of meeting celebrities and other important figures. Hence, they get to explore the world.
  • Enjoy diplomatic immunity


The full form of IFS is Indian Foreign Service. IFS officers are recruited mainly through the UPSC exams for Group A category. IFS officers enjoy several benefits and privileges and have specific job responsibilities such as representing India in foreign countries and on national and international platforms. Some of the skills required to become an IFS officer include: 

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