What is the Full Form of BGM? 

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BGM full form

The full form of BGM is Background Music. It is an important part of any game, video or movie. It helps in conveying emotions, creating an amazing experience and setting the instrumental tone of a scene. Without Background Music a movie, game or any video would be devoided of feel and therefore, would seem quite hollow. 

Background Music is of different types ranging from Diegetic and Non-Diegetic. Diegetic is a type of Background Music that is part of the story. It helps in elevating the emotive essence of the scene for example, during a sad scene character starts humming a mournful tune. Non-Diegetic Background Music is not a part of the story rather it is a score that assists the action that is being displayed on the screen. This type of music helps in setting the mood such as intimidation and slow music in a horror movie. 

Background Music helps in elevating the cinematic and gaming experience which in turn aids in creating an emotive and immersive world. 

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Other Places Where Background is Used

  • At restaurants, bars and cafes in order to create a relaxing atmosphere. 
  • At hospitals and dentists to calm patients down and soothe their anxiety. 
  • At gymnasiums and sports events to enhance mood. 
  • At retail stores and hotels to provide a relaxing ambience to the customers.

Basic Components of Background Music Systems 

Following are the basic parts of the Background Music systems:

  • Mixer
  • Power Amplifier
  • Speaker
  • Signal Processor 
  • Audio Source (eg – CD player, Smartphone, Microphone)

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Sound Pressure Level 

It is quite important to take the surroundings in the vicinity into consideration to achieve the desired level of effect and atmosphere through the Background music. Things like machinery, general conversation, air conditioners, etc. can affect the perfect background desirable for Background Music which is why volume settings are important. The BGM is always set higher by at least 3dB as compared to the ambient noise levels. An automated ambient monitoring system can help ensure BGM levels are consistently maintained at 3dB above ambient when the ambient noise level varies.

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