What is the Full Form of PHC?

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PHC Full Form

The full form of PHC is Primary Healthcare Centre. In developing countries, especially in public health services, PHC is the functional unit and basic structure. Additionally, they were established to give everyone, especially in the rural areas, inexpensive, accessible, and available healthcare 24/7. Moreover, they not only treat people but also educate them about sanitation, nutrition, and more! 

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What is the Function of the PHC?

The Function of PHC is to take a holistic approach to health. While considering all factors that influence well-being which include mental, physical, and social aspects. 

  • Furthermore, it cares for all health needs in a person’s life, rather than just focusing on certain illnesses. 
  • PHC also highlights quality care that covers everything from prevention to treatment as well as rehabilitation.
  • Moreover, the goal is to give complete care as conveniently as possible, right in people’s everyday environments.

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What are the 8 Elements of PHC?

In addition, the 8 Elements of PHC as per the Sustainable Development Goals are as follows:

  1. Health Education: To provide information on current health problems as well as ways to prevent and manage them.
  2. Nutritional Promotion: To ensure adequate food supply and encourage good nutrition.
  3. Safe Water and Sanitization: To supply safe and sufficient water, along with sanitation facilities.
  4. Maternal and Child Health Care: To focus on the health of mothers and children, hence making sure that there is proper care and support.
  5. Immunization: Vaccinating against major infectious diseases to stop their spread.
  6. Control of Endemic Diseases: To prevent and manage diseases that are common in specific regions.
  7. Treatment for Common Ailments: To give suitable care for prevalent illnesses and injuries.
  8. Access to Essential Medications: To ensure the availability of necessary drugs for basic healthcare needs.
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