What is the Full Form of OT?

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The full form of OT is Occupational Therapy. It refers to a branch of science and healthcare concerned with patients diagnosed with physical, sensory, or cognitive issues. Moreover, occupational therapy helps affected individuals become independent in all areas of their lives by engaging them in effective activities, exercises, and other therapies. However, this long form of OT is applicable in certain fields, like medicine, healthcare, and exams. 

What is the Full Form of OT in Hospitals?

The full form of OT in hospital is Operation Theatre. This ward is also known as the operating room or operating suite. It refers to a dedicated space or facility within hospitals for doctors to conduct operations in an aseptic environment. 

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What is the Full Form of OT Employee?

In the corporate world, the full form of OT for an employee is Overtime. It refers to the additional hours an employee works beyond their regular working hours. In most cases, companies compensate the employee for working overtime. Moreover, it can be voluntary where employees willingly work overtime to earn extra income.  

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What is the Full Form of OT in Chat?

Another long form of OT is Off Topic. It is widely used on social media and online forums as slang to describe that the conversation is drifting away from the focus point of discussion. 

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