Who were the Leaders of Champaran Satyagraha?

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Champaran Satyagraha leaders

The Champaran Satyagraha was one of the important movements in India’s struggle for freedom. This movement laid the groundwork for further movements like the Non-Cooperation Movement and the Civil Disobedience Movement. Champaran was a district in Bihar, India and the farmers of this district revolted from 1914 and 1916 against the various conditions which were imposed by the Britishers on them and also against the long-prevailing “Tinkathia system” of land revenue. In this blog, we will find out who were the Champaran Satyagraha leaders and learn about their contribution to the movement.

Champaran Satyagraha Leaders

Mahatma Gandhi led the satyagraha and came to Champaran on the persuasion of Pandit Raj Kumar Shukla and Sant Raut, who were some of the oppressors of the British unfair conditions. An ashram was established by Mahatma Gandhi at Champaran and started his movement from here on until India’s freedom.

LeadersTheir Contribution

Mahatma Gandhi
He became the driving force behind the Champaran Movement.
Gandhi’s philosophy of civil disobedience and nonviolence inspired the peasants to stand up for their rights
Gandhi brought attention to the plight of the Indigo farmers and negotiated with the authorities

Babu Brajkishore Prasad
He was a lawyer and a social and political figure from Bihar and supported Gandhi in his satyagraha movement.
He organized mass meetings and mobilized public opinion for their rights.

Dr Rajendra Prasad
Dr. Rajendra Prasad who later became the 1st President of Independent India started his political career from the fields of this satyagraha.
He provided medical assistance to the protestors and highlighted the health issues faced by the indigo farmers.

Anugrah Narayan Sinha
Sinha helped Gandhi by providing logistical support to the protestors.
He was a political leader from Bihar and helped amplify the voices of the oppressed peasants.

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Other leaders like JB Kriplani Mahadev Desai, Narhari Parekh, Ramnavmi Prasad, Mazhar-ul-Haq, Shambhusharan Varma, etc. contributed to the movement in their own ways and means. They all cumulatively stood for the rights and fair means of peasants. This satyagraha also had lawyers like Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi and Peer Muneesh. 

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