Did you Know these Facts About Sanskrit?

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Sanskrit is one of the oldest and most systematic languages in the world. Although in modern India, people have forgotten this language, Sanskrit once used to be the primary mode of communication. Interestingly, it is highly scientific in nature and has gained an immense reputation in numerous esteemed universities around the world. Accordingly, every year, World Sanskrit Day is celebrated to raise awareness about this language and promote its importance. Here are other interesting facts about Sanskrit. 

Amazing Facts About Sanskrit

  1. Sanskrit is an old Indo-Aryan language.
  1. The ancient documents of India, known as the Vedas, have been composed in Vedic Sanskrit. 
  1. Numerous Jain and Buddhist scholars also used Sanskrit in earlier times. 
  1. Sudharma is the only Sanskrit Daily Newspaper in the World. 
  1. India declared Sanskrit a “classical language” in 2005. Other classical languages of India are Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, and Odia. 
  1. The vowels and consonants of the Sanskrit language are arranged in a scientific manner. 
  1. The grammatical structure of Sanskrit includes nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. It has three genders, including the masculine, feminine, and neuter, three numbers, singular, dual, and plural, and seen syntactic cases. 
  1. The English language contains numerous words whose origin can be traced back to Sanskrit. For example, mosquito from mashaka, sugar from sakara, 
  1. 14 German Universities offer Sanskrit as a subject. 
  1. The Sanskrit language has been proven to improve concentration. 
  1. While there is only one word for love in the English language, the Sanskrit language features over ninety-six different words. 
  1. Mattur, a small village in Karnataka, is renowned for preserving the Sanskrit language. Everyone from young children to street vendors speaks this classical language. 
  1. Sanskrit is the additional official language of Uttarakhand. 
  1. Sanskrit has been an inspiration for Classical and Carnatic music of India. 
  1. NASA once declared that Sanskrit is one of the best languages for computers. 

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