What is the Full Form of CLR? 

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The full form of CLR is Common Language Runtime. It is a part of Microsoft’s .NET Framework and helps in managing the execution of programs written in different supported languages. In this way, the CLR helps to share common object-oriented classes written in different languages. For this, CLR modifies the program by reconstructing the source code into a byte code format. This is further known as Common Intermediate Language (CIL). 

Components of CLR 

Here are the main components of Common Language Runtime: 

  • Common type system- It provides guidelines for how types will be declared, used, and managed in CLR. 
  • Common language speciation- It refers to a specific set of rules that is to be followed by all NET-supported languages. 
  • Garbage collector- This component is commonly used as an automatic memory manager for your application.  
  • Just-in-time compiler- It helps to convert the MSIL code into machine-specific code. 
  • Metadata- In simple words, it is the binary information about your program. 
  • Assemblies- Assemblies consist of the assembly manifest, MSIL code, metadata, and other resources like image files. 

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.NET CLR Version

The Common Language Runtime updates itself for enhanced performance.

.NET version CLR version
1.0 1.0
4.6 4

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Benefits of Common Language Runtime 

Here are a few key benefits of CLR:

  • Enhances the overall performance
  • Provides support for custom attributes
  • Fosters object-oriented programming by offering language features like inheritance and overloading
  • Offers garbage collection
  • Allows the creation of multithreaded applications
  • Allows using components developed in other languages

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