What is the Full Form of CU?

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CU Full Form is “Copper” (a chemical element) and the “Control unit” of the computer. Let’s read more and explore the different meanings of CU.

CU (Copper)

CU Full Form is “Copper”. Copper is a chemical element. Its atomic number is 29 and it has the chemical symbol Cu. Copper has the IUPAC code Cu. It possesses two electrons since it is a cation. It is a reddish-orange metal that is ductile, malleable, and soft.

Since copper conducts heat and electricity well, it can be used to build electrical wires and other electronic devices.

CU (Control Unit)

All activities and operations carried out by the computer system are controlled by the control unit or CU. All instructions are sent from the computer’s main memory to the CU.

It is primarily in charge of all computer-related actions and duties. The central unit (CU) informs the memory, input, and output devices on how to process the command supplied to them in the correct sequence.

Functions of a Computer System’s Control Unit

The CONTROL UNIT has many functions, some of which I have listed here.

  • The Control Unit [CU] is in charge of managing, supervising, and coordinating all computer system activities.
  • The control unit also instructs the memory, input, output, and logic unit on what action should take and in what order.
  • It serves as the link for communication between the ALU and the main memory.
  • It also controls how the central processing unit, or CPU, operates.
  • The CPU informs the input devices of the data and information to be read and then determines the position and address in memory where the data can be placed.
  • control system plays a crucial function in the computer system’s booting process.
  • The control unit manages and coordinates the computer system’s input and output devices.
  • Micro programmes send commands to the Control Unit, which later decodes them.
  • The control signal sequence is passed from the control unit to the computer processor.
  • CU is in charge of executing the proper instructions to the processor’s subunits in the correct sequential order.
  • The control unit informs the CPU during the processing of the place from which data and information will be received.

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