What is the Full Form of CPU?

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full form of CPU

The full form of the CPU is the Central Processing Unit. The CPU carries out the additional outputs and inputs of a system, and the CPU socket area is specified on the motherboard. The CPU is also referred to as the brain of the computer as it is responsible for executing all the fundamental, logical and mathematical processes, running computer programs and relaying the instructions of the computer. CPU is typically a processor made up of an arithmetical logical unit and a control unit. 


(ALU – Arithmetical Logical Unit

CU – Control Unit)

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What are the Various Types of CPUs?

There are three main types of CPUs:

  • Small Scale Integration Type CPU 
  • Large Scale Integration Type CPU
  • Transistor Type CPU

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What are the Different Parts of a CPU?

The following are the most integral parts of a CPU:

ALU – Arithmetical Logical Unit

One of the most significant parts of the CPU is the Arithmetical Logical Unit (ALU) which supervises all logical and numerical functions including division, multiplication, addition and subtraction

CU – Control Unit

Control Unit as the name suggests, directs a task to the whole system and also regulates all computer activities that occur. It is the main component of a CPU

Memory or Register 

It is a memory particular device. The memory stores the information that needs to be processed or has already been processed.

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