15 Facts About India Gate that Students Must Know

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Facts About India Gate

In India, India Gate is more than an architectural marvel. It holds great cultural, historical, and national significance for the people of the country. Interestingly, India Gate is not only a famous tourist attraction in India but also a favorite place for netizens to hang around with their families, enjoy boat riding, and immerse themselves in the lush lawns. Additionally, the India Gate is also a patriotic symbol of the country and an important monument for competitive exams. Here are other fascinating facts about India Gate that students must know.

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Interesting Facts About India Gate

1. India Gate is renowned as one of the largest war graves and memorials. 

2. It is also called the National Monument of India. 

3. It contains the names of soldiers who lost their lives in the Afghan Wars and World War I

4. The base on which the arch of India Gate is placed is made from red Bharatpur stone.

5. India Gate measures 42 meters high.

6. Amar Jawan Jyoti was later added to India Gate on 26th January 1972 by the then Prime Minister of the country, Indira Gandhi. It burns uninterruptedly in the memory of soldiers who lost their lives during the Indo-Pakistan War, in 1971. 

7. The cornicles of India Gate contain an inscription of the sun, symbolizing the British Imperial Colony. 

8. The term INDIA is inscribed at the top of the arches with the dates MCMXIV (1914 on the left side) and MCMXIX (1919 on the right side).  

9. The Duke of Connaught laid its foundation stone on 10 February 1921. 

10. Sir Edwin Lutyens was the chief designer of India Gate. However, it was inaugurated by Viceroy Lord Irwin on February 12, 1931. 

11. India Gate bears a resemblance to the famous Arc de Triomphe located in Paris. 

12. Upon attaining independence, India Gate was dedicated to the Indian Army’s tomb of soldiers. 

13. India Gate also hoists the flag of the three Armed Forces of India.

14. Every year on 26 January, the Indian Flag is hoisted at India Gate on the occasion of Republic Day

15. The nearest metro station to reach India Gate is the Central Secretariat Metro Station. 

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