What is the Full Form of AFA?

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The commonly known full form of AFA is “Air Force Academy.” But that is not it. In the social media world, we can expect that there is a short form of everything we say. So of course, AfA in the social media world means “As Far As.” There are more full forms of this acronym like “Associate of Fine Arts,” “Asian Farmers’ Association,” “Amateur Football Alliance,” and “Accredited Financial Analyst.” Scroll down to the full meaning of the full forms of AFA. 

Air Force Academy

It is the exclusive training centre of the Indian Air Forces. The training provided here is for pilots, ground duty, and technical officers of the IAF. The main motto of building this organization is to foster the relationship between the officers and promote the spirit of camaraderie. To increase the integrity and honour of every officer, this institution builds a much better environment for its students. 

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As Far As

In socials, Gen Z likes to use the acronym “AFA” for “As Far As.” So when you want to say that someone is at the right destination, then you can add ”AFA ik (I know) you are at the right place.” 

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Associate of Fine Arts

For people who have a great interest in the arts and crafts industry, AFA is concerned with your niche. The Associate of Fine Arts is a two-year program designed to give your art career a kickstart. This primarily focuses on studio arts and general education courses. 

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Asian Farmers Assosciation

The purpose of the Asian Farmers Association is to unite the cooperate tightly with all the farmers throughout Asia to produce the best outcomes. It goes with the aim of “Just, free, peaceful, healthy, economically viable, sustainable and resilient family farming communities in Asia.”

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Amateur Football Alliance

The Amateur Football Alliance is an England, country football association. A similar association is in India as well which states “Amateur Football Association.

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Accredited Financial Analyst

It is offered by the USA’s American Academy of Financial Management. The AFA credential means that you have the right knowledge and skills to carry out financial analysis at an executive level.  

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