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The full form of CTC is Cost to Company. It is the complete package that a company offers to its employees per annum. CTC does not mean the actual pay that an employee gets from the company. In a way, it includes all the components that a company or an organisation spends on for their employee. Hence, the CTC also includes the services, like meals, insurance or medical facilities, phone bills, house allowance, travel allowance, etc, that the organisation provides to their employees. 

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Common Components Included in a CTC

One major component of the salary is the Basic salary if the employee. Some other common components of a CTC include the Dearness allowance, Travel allowance, Entertainment allowance, Overtime allowance, Medical reimbursements, House rent allowance, and Gross salary. Apart from this, the other benefits provided by the company may differ from company to company. 

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Example of CTC

Here is an example of CTC for your better understanding

Cost to Company (Fixed- INR) 410000Amount AnnualyAmount Monthly
Basic206800 17233
House Rent Allowance103400 8617
Special Allowance78200 6517
Total Gross Salary388400 32367
EPF (Employee Deduction)21600 1800
Net Salary 366800 30567
EPF (Employer Contribution)21600 1800
Cost to Company410000 34167

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