What is CARE Full Form?

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CARE full form

CARE full form is Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere. Initially, CARE was referred to as Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe. It is an international humanitarian organization that works on critical human issues such as hunger, poverty, and injustice around the world. This organization is working day and night to provide emergency relief to the people and conducts long-term development programs. Basically, it is an international NGO that was founded in 1945 to offer emergency assistance to the affected people.

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What is CARE?

As you are now aware of CARE full form, it is an international humanitarian NGO, working towards the major human issues. Arthur Cuming Ringland, Wallace Campbell, and Lincoln Clark are the founder of the CARE organization. It is a non-secretarial, non-profit, and non-governmental organization working to combat poverty and provide social justice to the victims. 

CARE’s programs include a wide range of topics, including food security, education, healthcare, disaster relief, and women’s empowerment. The organization works with local partners and communities to create and implement programs that address specific needs while encouraging long-term development. 

CARE works via its wide network to pacify short-term suffering during emergencies while also working to provide long-term solutions that lead to improved quality of life for affected individuals and communities.

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CARE Full Form

Following is the list of some other CARE full form:

  • Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere
  • Circulation Assimilation Relaxation And Elimination
  • Cancer Awareness Resource Environment
  • California Advocates For Re-Entry
  • Certified Atkins Retail Expert
  • Cooperative For Assistance And Relief Everywhere
  • Christian Accountability Recovery And Encouragement
  • Christian Action Research And Education
  • Church Alive Reaching Everyone
  • Concerned About Reaching Everyone
  • Caring Active Relational Evangelizing
  • Crisis Alternative Resources Education
  • Child Abuse Reduction Effort
  • Counseling Advisement Referral And Evaluation
  • Child Abuse Research Education
  • Caring And Responsible Encouragers
  • Combined Accident Reduction Effort
  • Children’s Allowable Receipts And Expenses
  • Court-Assisted Recovery Effort
  • Concerned About Rape Education
  • Credit Analysis and Research Limited
  • Coastal Area Resource and Enterprise

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