What is the Full Form of CSV?

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CSV full form

The full form of CSV is Comma Separated Value. It is a widely used format that helps users store and manage tabular data in plain text. In every CSV file, each line represents a row of data in which individual values within the row are separated using commas. Moreover, the initial row generally consists of headers for the columns. The most common use of CVS files is for commercial purposes. They help businesses at large in exporting a significant amount of data with more ease. 

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What is CSV for Example?

To help you understand better, here is an example. A CSV file may contain the following:

Name, email address, contact number, city,…. 

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How to Save a CSV File?

To save a CSV file on your computer, all you have to do is change its file type. For this, change the “Save as type” to “CSV” or (*.csv)” in the “File name” option. 

Advantages of CSV Files

The list of advantages of CSV files include:

  • CSV files are beginner-friendly as they are easy to create and read.
  • Users can edit CSV files in an editor like Notepad.
  • CSV files consume less memory than other similar options.  
  • This format is compatible with a wide range of apps.
  • It promotes compatibility as it is easier to transfer data with no hassle. 
  • CSV files facilitate organized storage of data for more convenience of users. 

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Disadvantages of CSV Files

CSV files also possess numerous disadvantages such as:

  • Since CSV files support plain text only, it makes them less suitable for users who need to store complex data types.
  • CSV files do not have an in-built mechanism for data validation which can lead to numerous errors.
  • CSV files are also more prone to data breaches and unauthorized modifications.
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