What is the Full Form of ABS?

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ABS Full Form

ABS full form is Anti-Locking Braking System. Vehicles used in aviation and on land, such as bicycles, trucks, buses, and cars, employ braking systems or safety features called ABS. When the brakes are engaged during an emergency stop, it stops the wheels from locking up and skidding. By retaining tractive contact with the road surface, ABS prevents the wheels from locking up while braking, enabling the driver to maintain vehicle control. ABS increases vehicle safety and improves vehicle handling even in snowy conditions and loose gravel surfaces and avoids crashing obstacles.

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Components of ABS

Here are the four main components of anti-lock braking systems:

Speed SensorsSensors track the acceleration and deceleration of moving objects, called speed encoders. 
ValvesThe three distinct valve settings on the brake line allow, block, and release pressure, accordingly.
PumpOnce the valves are removed, the ABS pump is employed to re-establish pressure in the hydraulic brakes.
ControllerBased on signals from sensors, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), the brain of the ABS, decides when to apply the brakes.

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Important Things to Know About ABS:

  • Cadence and threshold braking are terms used by ABS, an automatic mechanism. Up until ABS became standard, experienced drivers used these strategies.
  • Since the introduction of the ABS system into automobiles or the automotive industry, the entire system has advanced and improved, enabling drivers to control their vehicles more effectively.
  • Modern automotive ABS systems can alter front-to-rear braking system faults as well as prevent tyres from locking up while braking. 

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