How is the Speaker of Lok Sabha Elected?

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How is the Speaker of Lok Sabha Elected; Om Birla

The members of the Lok Sabha elect the Lok Sabha Speaker by voting. The process of electing a deputy speaker of Lok Sabha is the same. Other than this, there is no other process to elect a Speaker and Deputy speaker of the Lower House of the Indian Parliament (Lok Sabha). Om Birla is the current Lok Sabha Speaker. Moreover, his term of office is ending in June 2024.

Quick Facts About Lok Sabha Speaker

Furthermore, here are some facts about the Lok Sabha Speaker:

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How is the Speaker of Lok Sabha Elected?

Article 93 of the Indian Constitution provides for the election of both the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.

  • Additionally, the duty of the Lok Sabha Speaker is to maintain the discipline and decorum of the Lok Sabha.
  • The Speaker should be a member of Lok Sabha.
  • Usually, the ruling party elects one member of their party as Speaker of Lok Sabha. However, the process is evolving with time.

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What is Lok Sabha?

Lok Sabha is also known as the lower house of the Indian Parliament. It is also famous as the House of People. Moreover, the maximum strength of Lok Sabha can be 552 Members. In addition, 530 members of the Lok Sabha get elected across the country and two of them can be elected by the President of India from the Anglo Indian Community.

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