What is the Full Form of CPM? 

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CPM full form

The full form of CPM is the cost per mille (Mille means thousand) or cost per thousand impressions. It is a frequently adopted online strategy for ad pricing. Used in the marketing world, CPM is basically the amount an advertiser has to pay per 1000 impressions. CPM plays a crucial role in the marketing world as it creates and ensures the credibility of a brand among people. 

How to Calculate CPM? 

It is quite simple to calculate CPM. To find out CPM one needs to divide the total budget of the campaign by the impressions and multiply it by 1000. For example, if the budget of the ad campaign is INR 5,000 and the impressions are 5,00,000 then by going by the formula the CPM would be INR 10. 

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Optimising CPM

Firstly the product owners should choose the right ad network on the basis of relevance which would attract more audience. There are various networks like Ad Cash, Google Adsense, Popads, Smarty Ads and Criteo from which advertisers can pick according to their needs and preferences. It is also important to be aware of the ad pricing methods as they vary according to the seasonal timings. For example, if one’s product is woolen items then the ad prices for it will be high during the winter season due to high demand. Therefore, it becomes important for the advertiser to take into account factors like this which can affect their budget and consumer engagement at the same time. 

The other thing is to analyze the frequency of a user’s engagement with the ad as the same user can interact with the ad a lot which of course will be not beneficial for a good reach. 

Apart from the above-mentioned points the advertiser should be mindful of their business goals and target audience. Taking this into consideration, they should choose the network which will align with both of these aspects. This can increase the visibility and aid in finding more leads which will ultimately result in better sales. 

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