What is the Full Form of DIET?

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diet full form

The full form of DIET is District Institute for Education and Training. DIETs are district-level educational institutes created by the Indian government in each district of the country. They aid in the implementation and coordination of government initiatives at the district level. Around 3 million elementary and primary teachers require ongoing orientation to school-level innovations in learning and teaching. This responsibility has been assigned to the DIET. DIETs have been developed as district-wide counseling centers for schools and educational establishments.

History of DIET

District Institutes of Educational Training (DIET) were built around the country in response to the National Policy of Education (NPE, 1986), which was drafted with the support of India’s then-deceased Prime Minister, Shri Rajiv Gandhi. DIETs are currently available in over 500 districts across the country.

DIETs were critical in providing orientation to teachers and other district and block-level officials when the District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) first began. However, with the establishment of Block Resource Centres in all of the country’s districts, DIET’s initial purpose was lost, and it currently only serves as an institution offering B.Ed. and Diplomas in Elementary Education programs.

Purpose of DIET

The major purpose of DIETS, the district’s only institution of its kind, is to give training to all necessary workers. “Of all the factors that determine the quality of education… the quality, ability, and character of teachers are without a doubt the most significant,” remarked the Education Commission (1964-66) of teachers. These, in turn, are strongly reliant on the quality of the help and other resources provided to them. DIETs play an important function in this regard.

What are the Various Departments in DIET?

The various departments in DIET are:

  • PSTE (Pre-service Teacher Education)
  • DRU (District Resource Unit)
  • IFIC (In-service programs Field Interaction, Innovation, and Co-ordination)
  • P&M (Planning and Management)
  • ET (Educational Technology)
  • CMDE (Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation)
  • WE (Work Experience), and Administrative Branch

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