What is the Full Form of GTT?

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Full Form of GTT

The full form of GTT is the Glucose Tolerance Test, which is used to measure the human body’s ability to handle glucose, which is a kind of sugar available in fruits and bread. It is a universally accepted test to diagnose prediabetes and diabetes

The medical practitioner asks the patient to consume a glucose solution during the Glucose Tolerance Test. Till the next  3 hours of drinking this glucose-laden liquid, the healthcare professional checks the blood sugar level in the patient’s body every hour. 

Background of GTT

GTT was first used in 1923 by Dr Charles Best and Dr Frederick Banting. They innovated this diagnostic exam when they were engaged in working on the seclusion of insulin from the pancreas. During their study, they deciphered that they can detect blood sugar levels by orally administering glucose solution to the human body. 

Use of GTT

Along with the full form of GTT, we must also learn about the usage of the Glucose Tolerance Test to expand our knowledge:

  • Diagnosis of prediabetes, gestational diabetes, and diabetes mellitus
  • Prognosis of Crushing’s syndrome and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Minor treatment of diabetic conditions 

Advantages of GTT

The benefits of GTT are as follows:

  • The Glucose Tolerance Test is more sensitive and effective than fasting blood sugar blood tests. 
  • Through this test, doctors can view a patient’s response to a certain dose of glucose.

Disadvantages of GTT

Some of the major disadvantages of Glucose Tolerance Tests are listed below:

  • A time-taking procedure
  • Requires several hours of fasting
  • A urine test and blood test is mandatory before a GTT
  • Diabetic patients need to be cautious of this test because more glucose intake can shoot up the blood sugar level tremendously. 

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