16 Interesting Facts About ISRO- The Space Agency of India

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There is no doubt that India is known for many things around the world. From its vibrant festivals and finger-licking delicious food to rich traditions and customs dating back thousands of years, this country is surely a marvellous wonder. Amidst all this hustle and bustle, India’s space agency, widely known as ISRO, is writing remarkable achievements in the pages of the history of India. For instance, did you know that ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission was cheaper than the movie Gravity? Here are other interesting facts about ISRO for students to enhance their knowledge. 

Best Facts About ISRO

  1. The full form of ISRO is Indian Space Research Organization. 
  1. It was previously known as the Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR). 
  1. Jawaharlal Nehru established ISRO under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) in 1962. 
  1. It was constituted eight years after Pakistan’s SUPARCO. 
  1. In 1972, the Union Government constituted a Space Commission as well as the Department of Science. Thereafter, DOS started managing ISRO. 
  1. Vikram Sarabhai, an Indian physicist and astronomer, is known as the father of the Indian space program. 
  1. The headquarters of ISRO is located in Bengaluru. 
  1. The actions and initiatives of ISRO are taken under the guidance of its Chairman, who is also the secretary of DOS and Chairman of the Space Commission. 
  1. Aryabhata was the first satellite of ISRO. It was launched on 19 April 1975 and named after Aryabhata, a famous astronomer who invented zero and discovered the approximate value of pi. 
  1. Chandrayaan 1 is India’s first lunar mission. Launched in 2008, it made India the fourth country to soft-land on the moon, after the USA, the Soviet Union, and China. 
  1. ISRO’s Apple Satellite, launched in 1981, was carried on a bullock cart for its antenna-range test. 
  1. ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission, launched in 2013, made India the first country to reach the Martian orbit in the first attempt. 
  1. ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), holds the world record for launching the most satellites on the same mission. 
  1. ISRO’s INSAT system is one of the largest communication satellite systems. 
  1. ISRO’s Bhuvan is a web-based 3D satellite tool that acts as the Indian version of Google Earth. 
  1. Almost all of ISRO’s equipment has three horizontal lines, resembling Vibhuti and Kumkum, as seen on Lord Shiva’s forehead. 

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