How to Become MIS Executive in India: Salary, Skills, Interview, Job Description

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An MIS (management information systems) executive is in charge of an organization’s information systems’ deployment, maintenance, and development. These individuals manage computer systems, software programs, and other technology in order to support the operations and goals of an organization. If you are interested in pursuing this position, you may benefit from learning about the abilities required to succeed in this field. In this post, we will define MIS executive skills, salary range, interview questions, and more to help you with the process of becoming an MIS executive in India.

MIS Executive: Overview

An MIS executive, also known as a management information system executive, is in charge of planning, coordinating, and supervising all computer-related activities within a company. They contribute to the company’s information technology goals and are in charge of creating computer systems to achieve those goals. MIS executives usually work in an office and spend much of their time at a computer station. MIS executives usually work a standard 9-to-5 schedule. Their specific job duties and responsibilities are directly tied to their employer’s size and goals.

To be a good MIS executive, you should constantly seek to expand your knowledge through research and ongoing education. Outstanding MIS executives can solve problems in an efficient and cost-effective manner while also communicating well with senior and junior workers.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of an MIS executive include the following:

  • IT system design, monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting.
  • Interpreting briefs and creating IT solutions that fulfill all specifications and budgetary constraints.
  • Assisting with onboarding and training processes.
  • Writing job descriptions for new positions, as well as assisting with the interview and recruitment procedures.
  • Maintaining compliance with company and health and safety regulations at all times.
  • Updating, controlling, and maintaining software.
  • Supervising digital security and ensuring that all anti-virus and firewall software is kept up to date.
  • Supervising website construction and maintenance, as well as guaranteeing user data security.
  • Analyzing current operations, procedures, and processes and developing improvement strategies.
  • Conducting research, attending workshops, and networking with other industry professionals.

Types of MIS Executives

MIS executives are classified into several groups based on their job duties and specializations. For your convenience, some of the basic divisions in the MIS industry are presented below.

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How to Become an MIS Executive? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Several crucial and critical measures will be taken to gain a handle on a method for obtaining MIS; we will discuss those in basic depth here.

  • Make a decision: Before you begin your career in MIS, you should ensure that you understand your preferences, what subject combinations you must be limited to maintaining in your 12th grade, and what courses you’re qualified for. A career as a MIS is often difficult to satisfy, and you must have the enthusiasm and inspiration to work for people even in stressful situations.
  • Choose the correct subjects: A bachelor’s degree in a popular field such as software engineering, business, accounting, or computer information systems is typically necessary for an MIS. Nonetheless, certain organizations are currently looking for applicants with degrees in business, accounting, and computer applications.
  • Prepare for College Admission: After completing 10+2, one will appear for the JEE and CAT selection tests, and only after passing these tests will one be competent in their computer or other relevant courses from a good institution. Every understudy would go to a chosen school through any location they seek after school in computer and other connected subjects when fitting the bill for the entrance evaluation.
  • Choose the correct school: If you are accepted into the best schools, you will be required to perform exceptionally well on placement examinations. Assuming your score is low, you will be able to attend any school that recognizes your imprinting. According to advisors and specialists, it is more important to require affirmation in primary government schools since they require the least difficult school, a reduced course fee, and highly developed labs.
  • Entrance Requirements: The Path begins with showing up for the passageway and receiving confirmation inside the greatest school. This Path may last 3-4 years and should be completed with much devotion and tolerance.

Eligibility Requirements

Given the criticality and relevance of MIS roles in India, there are some prerequisites that you should fulfill. The following are some of the most important eligibility requirements if you want to become an MIS executive in India:

Educational Requirements

Bachelor’s degrees in respected fields such as software engineering, business, accounting, and computer information systems are typically necessary for MIS. Despite this, several organizations are increasingly looking for applicants with business, accounting, or computer application degrees. These educational programs encourage students to acquire analytical abilities as well as software tools.


In most universities, the Master of Management Information System/MIS is offered through B-Schools. Most MIS master’s degree programs at prestigious universities last one to two years and require 33 credits of coursework. Some colleges, however, may ask you to complete the thesis throughout the course.

Work Experience

MIS personnel serve as the link between business requirements and innovation. As you could expect, they are in high demand around the globe. An MIS degree from a prestigious university can be your passport to the high-paying profession of your dreams, offering both job happiness and monetary advantages. According to US Bureau of Labour Statistics data, the median annual salary of computer and information system managers in 2014 was US$127,640, with the middle 50% earning between US$99,320 and US$161,520.

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Skills Required

An MIS executive requires both technical skills and soft skills to have a good career. Some of the major skills that are needed for this role are listed below:

Technical Skills

  • Proficiency in programming languages, such as SQL.
  • Familiarity with software development platforms, including Visual Basic.
  • Database Management
  • Network Infrastructure Components
  • Project Management
  • Analytical Skills

Soft Skills

Advantages of Becoming an MIS Executive

Each job has its own set of bonuses and other rewards. This section covers the advantages of becoming an MIS executive in India:

  • A Degree in MIS helps improve your image in the workplace.
  • It makes you stand out from the crowd in the IT world.
  • It has a wonderful pay scale so you’ll earn better than the rest of the people.
  • You will be able to establish your credibility in the market which in turn will help you get more partners and clients.
  • You can also acquire a position of authority in the IT industry and become someone the rest of the people look up to.
  • This role helps you advance your career. The transition from sole supporters of executives is perhaps the most difficult for most IT professionals. Some of the reasons are that top management must be convinced that you have the skills to fill their jobs before investing time and money in you and your career. 

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Average Salary

The salary for an MIS’s many job roles may vary according to their expertise and level of seniority. A comparison of the salaries of several MIS categories is provided below:

Sector Average Annual Salary
PrivateINR 3,00,000
GovernmentINR 4,00,000
Years of ExperienceAverage Annual Salary
FresherINR 3 Lakhs
ExperiencedINR 15 Lakhs
SpecializationAverage Annual Salary
System analystINR 6,00,000
IT consultantINR 7,00,000
Business Intelligence AnalystINR 7,05,000
Network AdministratorINR 3,50,000
Database AnalystINR 6,35,000

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Is the Career Worth It?

If you have an aptitude for and an interest in information technology, being an MIS executive can be a rewarding job. Qualified MIS executives are in high demand in eCommerce and similar businesses. You can work in a company’s accounting, operations, logistics, warehousing, or marketing departments, performing data analysis, project management, automation work, supply chain management, and other tasks. Given the rapid advancements in technology, it may be vital to constantly upgrade your knowledge and skills.

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What are MIS executive roles and responsibilities?

An MIS executive, also known as a management information system executive, is in charge of planning, coordinating, and supervising all computer-related activities within a company. They contribute to the company’s information technology goals and are in charge of creating computer systems to achieve those goals.

Is an MIS executive a good job?

A career as an MIS executive is rewarding and well-paid, and there is room for advancement in this sector.

What is the monthly salary of an MIS executive?

In India, the average income for an MIS executive is 2.6 lakh per year (21.7k per month).

This was all about how you can become an MIS executive in India. For more relevant careers in India, you can subscribe to Leverage Edu. Reach out to us in case of any queries regarding your study goals, courses, careers, and more.

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