Want to Know How to Earn 1 Lakh Per Month? Check out these 7 Jobs!

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The idea of a fixed income is progressively changing in the fast-paced, dynamic world of today. People today have more freedom to investigate alternate sources of income thanks to the growth of freelancing, online enterprises, and different revenue streams. This blog post is intended to bring you through different paths that can result in significant financial growth, whether you’re a young professional seeking financial independence or someone hoping to increase your current salary. It is recognizable that aiming to make one lakh every month may seem ambitious, but with the correct attitude, commitment, and strategic preparation, it is possible to achieve. Keep reading this blog article till the end to know how to earn 1 Lakh per month.

Stock Market Investor

One may certainly make more than 10 lakh rupees a month in the stock market. However, doing this calls for a great level of experience. Capital is yet another potential roadblock. To earn this much, you would need a large sum of money to invest in the stock market. Assuming you are an expert share trader, you would need to invest 1 crore to make 10 lakhs and can get a 10% return on your investment each month. However, even if you lack this sum of money, you can still get profits of more than 10 lakhs every month. It would simply require more time.

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Top Level Management

Even in medium-sized private businesses, the CEOs make more than 10 lakh rupees a month. As we indicated in the first piece in this series, you can anticipate receiving a monthly income in crores if you are appointed CEO (or an analogous position in top-level management) of a multinational corporation. But there is a long way to go before becoming a CEO. A management degree from a prestigious university (consider the IIMs), as well as a tonne of job experience in your industry, would be required. However, you can have a quite opulent life after you are a CEO.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers essentially act as financial counselors to businesses and, in certain situations, to governments. They assist their clients in fundraising. That could entail issuing stock, putting a bond on the market, negotiating the purchase of a competing business, or setting up the sale of the firm as a whole. If you become successful as an investment banker, you can easily anticipate making more than 10 lakh rupees each month. It is, nevertheless, a highly demanding process. It’s not easy to become an investment banker, and you need to have a knack for numbers. A strong background in maths and economics is also essential. In this essay, we covered the steps to becoming an investment banker.

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Celebrity Lawyer

You’ll make a tonne of cash if you establish yourself as a top-tier attorney who represents businesses, industrialists, celebrities, and politicians. Monthly income of much more than 10 lakh rupees. The individuals you will be fighting for would have a lot of extra cash. Law is typically a matter of life or death aside from this. People are prepared to shell out astronomical sums of money in order to succeed in court. And you would receive all of that money. Before attempting to become a famous lawyer, there is one thing you should know. Before you can build up enough of a reputation that people pay you this much, it will take a lot of time.

Sports Person

Sports professionals who are at the top of their game might expect to make upwards of 10 lakh rupees every month. You might believe that the only people who make this much money are cricket players, but that is untrue. In fact, they make far more money. Think of PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal. You will receive commercials and endorsement offers if you are a household name. The majority of the 10 lakh rupees will come from this source. The money you make from competing and winning will also be respectable, but it will only make up a small portion of your overall revenue.

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Celebrity Fitness Trainer

The most unusual job path on this list is certainly this one. Additionally, you need a lot of luck and patience in this situation. But give it some thought for a bit. Wouldn’t you quickly be making north of 10 lakh rupees a month if you were a celebrity fitness trainer who had to teach twenty Bollywood actors every day? Alternatively, if you were a celebrity stylist on par with Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi, 10 lakh rupees would be nothing in comparison. When discussing various occupations, there is one thing to keep in mind. In order to advance in these two disciplines, you must possess the ideal blend of talent, persistence, and

Plastic Surgeon

What? Plastic surgeons make more than ten lakhs each month. Yes, well-known cosmetologists and plastic surgeons make upwards of 10 lakh rupees every month. How? Well, consider it. Bollywood stars and domestic supermodels are the primary clients of plastic surgeons in our nation. This group of people has a lot of money to spend. Additionally, members of this group enjoy blowing a lot of cash on enhancing the appearance of their bodies. As a result, you will be able to easily make more than 10 lakh rupees a month if you establish yourself as the go-to guy for body enhancements.

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Q1. What position pays one lakh per month?

A. Banks like the Punjab National Bank (PNB), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and State Bank of India (SBI) offer alluring compensation packages. Branch Manager, Specialist Officer, and Bank Probationary Officer all have the potential to make more than one lakh rupees annually.

Q2. What government position pays one lakh per month?

A. IAS, or Indian Administrative Service In India, one of the most prestigious and sought-after careers is the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). It is a civil service that pays a monthly salary of more than one lakh rupees and provides additional perks like a pension.

Q3. How can I easily make one lakh per month?

A. Numerous professions exist, including finance, information technology, supply chain management, marketing, human resources, engineering, operations, law, and security. For those who want to learn how to make one lakh rupees a month, this is a fantastic method.

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