How to Become a Growth Hacker in India?

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How to become a Growth Hacker in India?

Are you interested in learning how to become a growth hacker in India? Then you have made such a difficult yet enjoyable career choice. We’ll talk about how to become a growth hacker in India in this blog article. Additionally, you will discover the tools, techniques, and resources needed to succeed as a growth hacker.

Career as a Growth Hacker – One of the highest paying and fastest growing marketing careers today is growth hacking. Growth hackers intervene when start-ups require immediate expansion and assist them in achieving their objectives. If you want to learn more about a career as a growth hacker, read the whole article below. 

Who are “Growth Hackers”?

The phrase “growth hacker,” which is a relatively recent idea, was created in 2010. Particularly in India, there is still a lot of confusion about the phrase. Many people still have no idea what the term actually means. Growth hacking, in its most basic form, entails experimenting with novel concepts, analysing the results, and making necessary adjustments to help the firm develop.

Modern marketing technologies like social media, viral marketing, and email marketing are frequently used in growth hacking. Growth hackers engage the customer base of the company and are frequently marketers, developers, and product managers. Growth hackers prioritise lead creation above all else in addition to optimization.

What do Growth Hackers Do?

Growth hackers frequently employ digital marketing strategies to promote a company’s goods. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn may be used in this marketing.

Additionally, they interact with potential clients on Google, Pinterest, YouTube, and other websites by sharing user-generated material, publishing how-to videos, and blogging. Also taken into consideration are message boards like Reddit!

Growth hackers frequently create accounts there or keep an eye on already-existing ones so they can respond to queries users submit because they understand the importance of being where people are. Sharing privately maintained portfolios is also very advantageous for the project’s overall benefit.

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How to Become a Growth Hacker?

Check out the process, in order to become a growth hacker:

Take a Course in Digital Marketing

The first and most important step in learning, practising, and becoming a growth hacker is to enrol in the top online digital marketing course. The current swift trends in marketing must be taken into account if someone wants to pursue a career as a growth hacker. It’s also advised that you explore your intended future employment, at least through schools or agencies, in order to have some knowledge of how to use and manage things like automation, copywriting, Google Analytics, and SEO.

Establish a Website and a Blog

It’s crucial to have an online portfolio if you want to work as a growth hacker and attract clients. A website and a tonne of blog entries or articles can serve as your ideal online portfolio. Growth hacking is inspired and energised by content marketing. No matter how fantastic your content strategy is, it will be more successful if you can consistently provide new content over time. Content is a crucial component of every growth hacker’s arsenal, and with your help, we’ll make sure that all of your visitors are left speechless! But first, familiarise yourself with the fundamentals of marketing growth hacking.

Start Applying for an Internship

You need to have experience if you want to develop your confidence as a growth hacker. An internship is a fantastic way to get experience. Many performance marketing companies provide paid internship opportunities to beginning candidates. Your clients are your resume; your blog is your portfolio. Learning from a professional in that subject is the best way to become a growth hacker. The easiest way to do that is to study growth hacking, complete an internship at a respectable company that offers growth hacking services to its clients, or just identify a prominent internet figure who runs a blog and resources on the subject.

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Educational Requirements to Become a Growth Hacker

One of the highest-compensated and fastest-rising careers in marketing today is that of a growth hacker. Therefore, there is no specific qualification for a growth hacker. 

  • A graduate degree is a minimum need for someone who wishes to pursue a profession in growth hacking. A growth hacker must also keep up with all of the available digital marketing channels. 
  • A growth hacker must understand everything that falls under the category of digital marketing, including SEO, analytics, viral growth, copywriting, and landing page optimization, among other things. But understanding analytics is the most crucial component.

Qualities for a Growth Hacker

A few technical skills are crucial and must be taught when it comes to competence. Growth hackers must be creative thinkers who can also conduct in-depth analyses. These talents must combine marketing, analytics, and technology. Here are a few abilities that growth hackers should develop:

Needs Analytical Abilities

Statistics: It’s critical to comprehend statistics when you need to comprehend the facts. Statistics are frequently referred to as the language of statistics, and understanding the language is necessary in order to comprehend and analyse the data. This will assist you in enabling the use of the current data for the expansion of the company.

When it comes to data analytics, online platform analytics are quite specialised. Analytics can be expressed in terms of one-of-a-kind visitors, pages, sessions, bounce rates, AdWords, and many other things. It is your duty as a growth hacker to comprehend these ideas.

Technical Expertise Needed

Understanding and learning spreadsheets It’s crucial to learn how to use a spreadsheet if you want to comprehend data. It is the fundamental instrument for gathering and analysing data. You will gain valuable insights as a result of this. The spreadsheets will also enable you to analyse data in a variety of ways. Data can be viewed from a variety of perspectives. This will enable you to decide on your marketing methods with knowledge.


It’s crucial that you have some basic coding knowledge if you want to work as a growth hacker. Having a rudimentary understanding of coding will enable you to develop an easy script that will automate your work. Additionally, knowing the fundamentals of programming can help you communicate with the software better, which will make things a lot simpler.

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Roles and Duties of a Growth Hacker

Below mentioned are the roles and responsibilities of a Growth Hacker:

  • Utilizing programmes and technologies that can assist you in achieving your marketing objectives, and creating the front end of your website.
  • Build a network and increase the business of your firm by working together through numerous platforms like blogging, email, and social media.
  • Working on web advertising, cold calling, direct mail, and conversion rate optimization.
  • Conduct a competition analysis and market study.
  • Experimenting with alternate customer acquisition, outreach, and lead conversion strategies.
  • Active planning and the testing of novel concepts go beyond the basic approach.
  • Learn more about digital marketing and UI/UX.
  • Communicate and mind map your ideas for a higher ROI.
  • Plan out your tasks for analysis, research, and implementation now.
  • Keep up with the most recent changes and developments in UX/UI and digital marketing.

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Average Salary of Growth Hacker

The average salary of a growth hacker in India is around 6.9 Lakhs.

 It provides lucrative career opportunities and benefits. Growth hacking is a highly demanding career. 

Top Recruiters

Below mentioned are the top 5 recruiters for growth hacking:

  • SonderMind
  • On running
  • Chime
  • Via Transportation
  • Warbler Labs


Q1. Which kinds of hackers are highly paid?

Ans. Network management, Linux, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, and security are the most in-demand skills among ethical hackers in terms of popularity.

Q2. What are the growing hacker salaries in India?

Ans. Growth Hackers in India make an average yearly pay of 6,95,783 rupees.

Q3. What is the starting salary for a growth hacker for a fresher?

Ans. Digital marketing executives make an average compensation of about 3.1 lakhs per year, while SEO specialists make an average pay of 4.6 lakhs per year.

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