Vasundhara Patni, Founder of Kiro Beauty

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The pandemic had spread a feeling of uncertainty among many people and their jobs. However, a few of them used this opportunity to focus on making their own path and launching their business. One such personality is Vasundhara Patni, the founder of Kiro beauty and SVAH cosmetics. She belongs to an industrialist family and reinvented herself as a ‘mompreneur’ during the lockdown. Let’s look at the journey of Vasundhara Patni towards establishing her own beauty brand!

Early Life of Vasundhara Patni 

The Beauty Brain: Kiro's Vasundhara Patni On Her Journey Behind Launching A  Cruelty-Free Makeup Line [Video]
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Vasundhara Patni is the daughter of RPG group chairman, Harsh Goenka and married into the Patni family running the Patni Computer System Company. Patani graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and has successfully worked in the education and healthcare domains. Her career began in maternity and child care hospitals. But soon she explored the beauty segment of the Indian industry. Founding a company for her was a chance of co-incidence and subconscious efforts.

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Kiro Beauty Business: The Novel Idea by Vasundhara Patni

Why mindful makeup label Kiro is your best bet in 2020
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Vasundhara Patni did not get the idea of launching beauty brands consciously. Instead, it was in her subconscious that led to this successful brand in the cosmetic industry. Being a mother and the caretaker of her family, she was inclined towards using organic products in every form. Be it food, clothing, utilities, or any other essential products, Patani decided to use organic and toxin-free products. 

The Inspiration

Vasundhara Patni has a great social circle and lots of friends with whom she discussed the cosmetic products they used. Her friends were convinced to use international beauty products due to the high-quality standards and toxin-free nature. From there she got the idea that the Indian market lacks good quality organic products for beauty.

“A schedule is an essential time management tool, but being a mompreneur in a WFH situation makes you hustle. It forces you to realise that the minute you have time, you need to finish all the jobs that need to be done, even if that’s not when you planned to do it.”

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Products development

Vasundhara Patni was inspired to do something for the Indian women who are keen on taking care of their skin. Good quality products are essential for flawless and healthy skin. She ensures nourishment and nutrition to pamper the soft skin. She has mindfully formulated beauty products that are good to go with every skin type. Patni is a highly motivated and ambitious woman constantly thriving on challenges. Besides keeping parabens and toxins away from the product, her packaging of the product is also 100% natural and organic. 

“Mompreneurs have multiple responsibilities — being a mom, a wife, running a home and a business. Having a supportive family, help at home, mindful and conscious partners at your work place, is something we have in India.”

Brand Launch

Vasundhara Patni launched her Kiro Beauty product line in the middle of the pandemic and lockdown in the year 2020, August. Since then the brand has earned a reputation and popularity among Indian users. Patani also believes that beauty standards are different in present times. It is beyond the colour of the skin and the size of the body. Everyone deserves to use the purest and organic products on themselves. Vasundhara Patni strongly believes in honesty and hence ensures it with her services too. 

“We are a very small team and there are days where I’m doing what a peon would do or what my supply chain staff might do.”

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kiro Beauty

Is Kiro beauty an Indian brand?

Yes, Kiro beauty is an Indian-based clean beauty brand with an e-store. The brand was launched in 2020 with a range of products between Rs.800 and Rs.900.

Is Kiro a good brand?

The most common answer is yes since the user experience is satisfactory. The formulations are international quality and standards.

Is Kiro Vegan?

The products are 100% vegan. The ingredients are usually plant-based, that is, no animal products and by-products are used in manufacturing beauty products.

Are Kiro cosmetics cruelty-free?

The product comes in nature-friendly packaging, mindful of the environment. The products are absolutely cruelty-free and 100% vegan.

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We hope that this article helps you in understanding the personality of the founder of Kiro beauty, Vasundhara Patni and her company. She is certainly an ideal business leader and has developed a beauty model that fits every Indian woman. Kiro has a bright future due to the promises it makes. To read similar articles on famous entrepreneurs, stay tuned to Leverage Edu!

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