University of Suffolk Accommodation

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University Of Suffolk Accommodation

Living in the University of Suffolk accommodations can be an excellent way to reach different lives and form lifelong friendships. Therefore, it is no surprise that many students opt for campus accommodations in universities when studying abroad. The University of Suffolk also provides good accommodation services to its students. When you opt for courses at the University of Suffolk, the most important thing and the last stage is finding accommodation. Many halls and facilities are provided on-campus and off-campus accommodation is available as well. In this blog, we take a look at the accommodation facilities available at the University of Suffolk.

On-Campus Accommodation at the University of Suffolk

If you are starting a course in September, then you are required to apply for accommodation by the end of June if you are willing to live in the on-campus halls of residence.

Athena Hall

One of the on-campus halls of residence at the Ipswich Campus is Athena Hall. These halls of residence are just a 3-minute walk from the Waterfront building and are next to the James Hehir Building. The location of this campus accommodation is close to the town centre, which is a 10-minute walk, and Ipswich train station which is a 20-minute walk.

Who is it for?

Athena Hall is the recommended accommodation for you if:

  • You are a student at the University of Suffolk for the first time
  • You are moving out of your parental home
  • You are new to Ipswich and unfamiliar with the area.


At Athena Hall, you can opt for 4-7 bedroom flats or studio apartments available for single students or student couples. Facilities such as self-service laundry rooms, WiFi, security fobs, security staff and shared kitchens are available. A large common room is also available for social events.


The cost of residence at Athena Hall depends on the type of room and duration of stay. The rent is as follows.

Type of roomRent
Bronze EnsuiteGBP 5,418 – 5,950 (INR 5.40 – 5.82 Lakhs)
Silver EnsuiteGBP 6,216 – 7,038 (INR 6.08 – 6.89 Lakhs)
Gold EnsuiteGBP 6,510 – 7,395 (INR 6.37 – 7.24 Lakhs)
Studio EnsuiteGBP 7,938 – 9,129 (INR 7.77 – 8.94 Lakhs)

Application Process

The application process for accommodation at the on-campus halls is quite simple as you are required to contact the university through the official website via mail or contact number so that they can help you with the steps you need to follow for reserving a place for yourself.

Off-Campus Accommodation at the University of Suffolk

If you are not able to get yourself on-campus accommodation then you are suggested to look for off-campus accommodation. Some of the off-campus accommodation facilities available at the University of Suffolk are given below.

Ormonde House

University of Suffolk Accommodation - Ormonde House
Source: University of Suffolk

A grand Victorian property with 16 bedrooms that is located at a 10-minute walk from the town centre and a 20-minute walk from Ipswich Campus at the Waterfront. This property is however owned by Hearthstone Properties and is managed by LEA Property Solutions with accreditation from the University of Suffolk.

Who is it for?

Ormonde Hall is a great property that should be considered by:

  • Students looking for a quiet environment to live and study in
  • Continuing, mature or postgraduate students
  • Students looking for more independent living
  • Students who do not wish to live in halls-style accommodation


Besides being equipped with fully-furnished bedrooms, Ormonde House offers a quiet and peaceful environment. 12 out of the 16 bedrooms have attached bathrooms and there are ensuite facilities available for the other 4 with communal showers shared by 2 bedrooms. Other facilities available on the property include 4 kitchens and dining areas, 3 lounge areas, a conservatory, a study area and 3 laundry rooms.


Following is the per-week cost for various types of rooms available in Ormonde House.

BronzeGBP 125 (INR 12,200)
SilverGBP 135 (INR 13,200)
GoldGBP 140 (INR 13,700)
PlatinumGBP 145 (INR 14,200)

Spring Court

University of Suffolk Accommodation - Spring Court Kitchen Diner
Source – University of Suffolk

This is one of the purpose-built for the students that is situated on Spring Road within the walking distance of both the campuses. Spring Court features standard flats and shared rooms.

Who is it for?

These apartments are available to all-year students and are great for you if:

  • You are one of the continuing students.
  • If you want to live more independently with your friends.
  • You have a limited budget.
  • You want to live in smaller-scale halls.


Each of the 2 to 5-bedroom flats in Spring court is equipped with a shared bathroom along with a shared kitchen and living area as well. 6 and 7 bedrooms flat have additional kitchens and bathrooms for the convenience of students. The rooms are fully-furnished with the basic necessities and parking is also available for additional charges.


All of the bedrooms available in Spring Court have a 48-week tenancy with the rent as follows.

Flat TypeRent per Room
2-bedroom flatGBP 5,520 (INR 5.39 lakhs)
3-bedroom flatGBP 5,040 (INR 4.92 lakhs)
4-bedroom flatGBP 4,800 – 5,040 (INR 4.68 – 4.92 lakhs)
5-7 bedroom flatGBP 5,040 (INR 4.92 lakhs)

AXO Suffolk

Another purpose-built for the students of the University of Suffolk is located at 75 Grimwade Street. They are basically neighbours of the University of Suffolk next to the Ipswich Campus. AXO Suffolk is 300 metres from the Waterfront Building, approximately a 3-minute walk, the town centre at a 10-minute walk and the train station a 20-minute walk.

Who is it for?

The AXO Suffolk accommodation is available for all students in the university. However, it can be considered to be of particular interest to you if you:

  • Are looking for off-campus, independent accommodation on a budget
  • Group of friends who wants to live together.


AXO Suffolk and single-occupancy fully-furnished bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Communal living areas and shared kitchen facilities with dedicated cupboards are available for the students, with utility and WiFi bills being included in the rent, and fob security for the building.


Room TypeDuration of tenancyRent
Bronze Ensuite43 weeksGBP 4,859 (INR 4.75 Lakhs)
Bronze Ensuite51 weeksGBP 5,508 (INR 5.39 Lakhs)
Silver Ensuite43 weeksGBP 5,289 (INR 5.17 Lakhs)
Silver Ensuite51 weeksGBP 6,018 (INR 5.89 Lakhs)

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