UK plans to streamline EU student visas

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UK plans to streamline EU student visas
To streamline the visa application process and its requirements, the UK authorities have launched a new app.

To simplify the application process, the Home Office introduced the “UK Immigration ID Check App,” which allows applicants to access the biometric data for their EU passports or UK biometric residence permits before submitting their application. In addition, the app enables the use of biometric data again, easing the requirement of applying for the visa in person. 

The app seems to fit well with the education system in the UK. In 2020, many changes occurred in the education policy, including a simplified application process, the abolishment of the proof of funds requirement for EU students, and the facilitation of the graduate visa category. The removal of the requirement for proof of funds to study in the United Kingdom. 

Now EU students do not necessarily have to provide proof if they have been legally living in the UK for more than a year before the application date. Earlier, the process was considered the most complicated part of the application process. Additionally, it was not always easy to provide the specific financial documents required by the British authorities. This also resulted in the refusal and decline of many visa applications. 

Another change was introduced for EU students in the UK, including the graduate visa category, effective July 1, 2021. This visa allows a prolonged stay for international students in the UK. After their graduation, they could legally stay in the UK for two or three years if they were PhD students without any sponsorship. Furthermore, this allowed graduate students to work and gain skills in their chosen field in the UK 

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