Study abroad: How will Indo-Aus agreement affect Indian students?

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Study abroad How will Indo-Aus agreement affect Indian students
The Australian government stated that the Australian-India Economic Corporation as well as Trade Agreement has started from December 29, 2022.

Dom Farrel, Australian Minister for Trade and Tourism said that Indian and Australia have become neutral training partners. This agreement will undoubtedly prove helpful in trading relationships. This will also help Indian students pursue their study abroad dream in an Australian university

The agreement will reflect the commitment of the government to strengthen the partnerships and diversity of the exports, he included. As to Universities in Australia, the agreement will come with social benefits and deeper economic benefits. 

Catriona Jackson, Chief Executive, said the universities support the focus of the government completely on the relationship with India. India has plans to educate more than 500 million students within 2035. The world-class universities of Australia are super excited to help India to accomplish this goal as the universities in Australia are capable of delivering different educational opportunities to deserving candidates. 

She also said that it will boost the research ties and enhance the deep education features which will prove beneficial for both countries. This specific agreement was also got approved by the higher education sectors and independent skill training sectors. 

Troy Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Independent Territory Education Council Australia, said that the social benefits and strong economy will help Australia to improve overall access to the Indian education sector

A report by ITECA State of the Sector in 2022 found that the student enrolment from India for independent skill training is more than 70,000. There are also more than 18,000 Indian students who have enrolled in the higher education sectors of Australia. 

Apart from that, the Indian-Australian agreement will also support the workforce and tourism in regional Australia. The Australian government also said that more than 1,000 works and holiday program plans will biome effective for young Indian travellers. As Australia started facing a shortage of skilled workers, India and Australia came to a mutual agreement. 

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