Study Abroad: Post-restriction easing, foreign students are returning in massive numbers to China

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Study Abroad: Post-restriction easing, foreign students are returning in massive numbers to China
Students are preparing to study abroad in China after three years of breaks in international academic exchange programmes.

According to analysts, more Chinese students are seeking higher education abroad since China’s zero-Covid policy was abandoned. Additionally, once the rigorous quarantine regulations were lifted, a flood of international students are likely to return to China.

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After a few setbacks, the Chinese study abroad market will recover. The State Council this week released new policies that are expected to make it easier for foreigners to apply for visas to visit China for business or study. During the epidemic, some parents were concerned that their kids would contract the disease if they traveled abroad and fretted about the visa application process, but now the barriers will be lifted and the flight tickets will be reasonably affordable. The number of study abroad aspirants enrolling in international studies will stabilize. Due to concerns about catching COVID-19 and difficulties traveling home, many Chinese students have had to delay or abandon their intentions to study abroad since the start of the pandemic.

Beginning January 8, there will be no more restrictions on the number of international passenger flights allowed to China, and will no longer be subject to quarantine. 

According to new policies announced by the State Council last week, the visa application process for foreigners coming to China for study or business is anticipated to be easier and the number of students going abroad to study will stabilize.

In the middle of 2022, news broke that China is currently considering the applications of thousands of Indian students studying at Chinese institutions who have expressed a wish to return home.

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