Students in Finland will cover medical costs next year

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Students in Finland Will Cover Medical Costs Next Year
In accordance with a declaration from the Finnish government, access to healthcare services in Finland will cost students there €73.60 ($36.80) each term in 2023.

The availability of healthcare services will increase by €2 (INR 169) in 2022. On November 12, 2022, the government announced adjustments to student healthcare fees. The government claims that this change will be made in an effort to make healthcare services more easily accessible, however, indicates that the same rates for late payments or missing appointments will remain in effect.

According to the government, students who obtain medical care but pay after the deadline will be assessed a €5 (INR 400) fee the following year, while those who miss their appointment would be considered a €40 (INR 3k) fee.

The decision will not impact students from other EU or EEA nations, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland because their healthcare access costs will remain the same. They will keep using the Finnish Student Health Service as they always have.

According to the government, the state in charge of students’ medical care would bill for the cost of healthcare services for students in the future.

Finland is among the happiest nations in the world and has a top-notch healthcare system in addition to its excellent educational system. The number of foreign students choosing the nation as their study location has climbed this year as well. According to the Finnish Immigration Service, a record number of international students will be enrolled in Finnish higher education institutions in 2022 after 7,060 non-EU applicants received residence permits between January and October of this year.

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