Study Abroad: Now Indians can get green cards easily, thanks to the newly passed bill

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Study Abroad Now Indians can get green cards easily, thanks to the newly passed bill
The EAGLE ACT, which will make revolutionary changes in the immigration law system of the USA that will be beneficial for study abroad aspirants.

The United States green card, which works as proof of permanent citizenship, might become easier for Indians as Congress received support from the White House to pass a new bill. The new bill, known as the EAGLE ACT, has one primary purpose and that is to change the immigration law. If the bill converts into law, it will be extremely beneficial for thousands of immigrants, especially Indian students who are planning to study abroad. Not to mention, Indian Americans who are in line for their green card can also leverage the benefits of this new law. 

Screenshot from Official website of Eagle Act

But the EAGLE ACT is somehow a little bit complicated. The primary objective of this bill is to reduce the overall green card quota which will help US business owners hire employees based on their merit instead of their birthplace. This act will open hundreds of new job opportunities to Indian students in the USA. 

Even though the approval of this application won’t be possible until your visa becomes available, this act would help all employment-based immigrants to escape from their transition visa and develop more flexibility. 

The significance of the EAGLE ACT is undoubtedly great for students who want to study abroad. As per the US immigration law, not more than 140,000 employment-based green cards can be issued every year. But less than 7% of these green card applicants can be applied to individuals who are from different countries. 

With the help of this law, country-specific extensive backlogs will be reduced and Indian students can choose their dream US universities for higher education. 

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