Here’s How Indian Students are Adapting to Blended Learning Approaches at the UK Universities

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Blending Learning Approaches at the UK Universities

The coronavirus pandemic has been really hard on students just like everyone else in terms of uncertainty and delays. However, despite all the international travel restrictions, many Indian students were able to fly to their universities in the UK to take up their courses. After a few weeks of the commencement of the new term, it was observed that students are adjusting really well to blended teaching approaches online as well as in-person teaching. Let’s take a look at how Indian students are adapting to the new blended learning approaches at the UK universities.

Universities have been really supportive of all students flying out from different countries and have done everything in their power to make the situations easier for their students as well as not to let the education of students get hampered. In fact, the number of international students was higher than what they had expected.

Rohan, an Indian student who returned to Birmingham City University to resume his studies said that he felt safe throughout his journey and observed that all the social distancing norms were being followed properly. The immigration process was also quick on his arrival in London. The National Indian Students and Alumni Union stated that in a survey, they found out that almost 40% students were satisfied with the overall process. However, other students thought that there was room for improvement.

Universities have prepared well in advance for self-isolation of students and almost zero students complained regarding the self-isolation procedure, in fact, everyone was accommodating and knew the procedure beforehand. Though there were some reported Covid-19 cases on the campuses, the universities are following strict measures during quarantines of students. All the UK universities have become really flexible during this time and are prioritizing students well being and safety over anything else. The British Council in India has been reviewing suggestions made by students for the past 6 months as to how the universities should proceed with their teaching. Many universities are offering blends of online and in-person teaching and are regularly reviewing the current scenario in order to deliver education in an absolutely safe environment.

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Role of the UK Government in Easing the Present Situation

The UK government is doing everything in its power to ease up the situation for international students. They have introduced a new student’s route and added new provisions in the student route as well. This new graduation route permits students to stay in the UK to work after graduation and is offering flexibility for post-study work benefits and immigration rules as well.

The Office for National Statistics released a report stating that Indians account for the most international student’s arrival in the UK, which results in great financial gains for them. Indian students comprised nearly 17% of the total student visa application in the year ending March 2020.

There is no doubt that these numbers will surely be affected by the pandemic but the universities are trying their best so as to continue with the same effectiveness of education and hope that their blended teaching approaches and other relaxations regarding post-study work permit will drive more Indian students towards UK universities.

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Thus, Indian students are surely giving their best to adjust to the blended learning approaches at the UK universities. Although there is still uncertainty about what the future holds, all we can do is hope that things get back to normal as soon as possible. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu for more such global educational updates.

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