UK is Ready to Invest £100m to Fund Study Abroad After Brexit

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Study Abroad after Brexit

The UK’s recent Turing Scheme is ready to invest over £100 for those planning to study abroad after Brexit. The impact of Brexit on international students is still getting perused over and as per the Guardian, the UK government has decided to spend around euro 100 million a year to fund study abroad after the Brexit. This investment will be the post-Brexit replacement of the Erasmus Exchange Program for the UK international students for the upcoming year 2021.

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The Department of Education (DfE) said that the Turing scheme will provide funding for approximately 35,000 students to go on internships and placements across the globe and will commence in September.

It has been quite a well-known fact that UK’s decision to halt its involvement with EU scheme has turned out to become a controversy especially when Prime Minister Johnson previously stated that Brexit will not affect participation. Thus, the effects of this on study abroad after Brexit were highly debated. But the education secretary, Gavin Williamson stated, “We now have the chance to expand opportunities for young minds and youth of their country to study abroad and see more students from all backgrounds benefit from the experience and program.”

Therefore, they have devised a truly international program that is focused on their priorities to provide real value for the opportunities and experience for students to study abroad after Brexit. The program is also a significant part of their commitment to upgrade the United Kingdom and its education system.

According to UK’s Department of Education (DfE), the Turing Scheme will be focused on the country’s students from underprivileged communities. Moreover, around 35,000 UK students every year will be permitted to take part in the Erasmus program which the country participated in 1987 and since then has allowed its students to study abroad after Brexit and also look for work opportunities all around Europe.

A different set of universities of UK will be invited to bid to join the Turing programme in the new year and the successful applicants will receive funding to administer the program so that students shall receive scholarships to help cover tuition expenses abroad.

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