Top Reasons to Study at University of Winnipeg

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Did you know that the University of Winnipeg has constantly secured the topmost position among all the best universities of Canada! The University has been ranked in the top 10 for undergraduate universities, and scores very high in the areas such as class size, teaching quality, faculty-student interaction, unity in diversity, and a constant commitment to sustainability. Read through the blog to know the top reasons to study at University of Winnipeg.

Top Reasons why you should consider studying at the University of Winnipeg

Diverse and Variant Campus

Right from the most iconic Wesley Hall to the ultra-contemporary Buhler Centre and state-of-the-art RecPlex, The university’s vibrant downtown campus is a varied mix of modern facilities and historic structures. The campus is Bike-friendly and it is easy to access via transit almost 21 bus routes come directly to the campus, University of Winnipeg’s central location is just a walk away from a wide variety of shopping, cultural, arts, and ethnic restaurants choices

Small Class Size

It is often said that the smaller your class is, the more opportunities you will get to ask questions and get your doubts cleared, this will also help you to get to know your professors, and to meet new people and make friends, all of these things will enhance your university experience and understanding. Learning will seem easier to you. A class size of 30-60 students makes it easier to connect with others and you will feel comfortable from the very start. The average first-year and second-year class size at the University of Winnipeg is around 37 students

Hands-on Learning

From the list of most valued accomplishments in a university one of them is participation in research work. Research enhances your understanding of the outside world, advances your scale of education, and helps you contribute better to your field of education. Undergraduate degree students at the University of Winnipeg get the beneficial opportunity to participate in research work, while in most universities this is offered to graduate students only. The thoughtful and approachable instructors of the University of Winnipeg have a big impact on the learning experience of their students. Students are not only taught by award-winning instructors and inspiring researchers in their field, but they also have access to these great minds outside their classes. The professors always try to put their students first, providing them with resources to succeed in their studies and which opens up a plethora of doors to opportunities for their future.

Affordable Education

The University of Winnipeg is considered to be one of the most accessible and considerate universities in Canada in terms of tuition fees. Students at the University of Winnipeg are benefitted from the third-lowest tuition rates among all provinces in Canada. In the year 2020, a student who was attending another university located in Ontario paid an average of $7,938 as tuition fees, while a student at the University of Winnipeg paid a sum of $4,913 as tuition fees.

Employment Rate

The employment rate of the University of Winnipeg after graduation is pretty impressive that will make you have a conversation to yourself thinking about the ways you can manage to study here which is 95.9%. Apart from the employment rate, it is also ranked among the top universities in Canada to provide job opportunities to its students by the prestigious Times Higher Education.

Cost of Living

The Economic Development parameter of Winnipeg sheds light on a number of measures where Winnipeg scores pretty well as compared to the other cities of Canada in terms of affordability and economic prospects, which makes it ideal for students and the soon-to-be graduates of the University of Winnipeg that are about to enter the local workforce and also prospective students willing to join the University

Sense of Community and livelihood

With approximately around 810,000 residents, Winnipeg is a small and vibrant city with the feeling of a big town, having attractive neighborhoods, with people boasting their own community vibes.


Why is the University of Winnipeg best?

It can be called the best University in Canada simply because the University of Winnipeg has constantly secured the topmost position among all the best universities of Canada! The University has been ranked in the top 10 for undergraduate universities

What is the University of Winnipeg known for?

The University of Winnipeg is well-known for its academic excellence, environmental commitment, Indigenous scholarship, small class sizes, and campus diversity.

Why should I study at the University of Winnipeg?

The internationally accredited programs and award-winning researchers and instructors at the University of Winnipeg have a world-renowned reputation. The tuition fee at the University of Winnipeg is lower than most other Canadian universities and an affordable city to survive, the students there enjoy a high-quality education at a very reasonable capital.

Is Winnipeg good for international students?

The University of Winnipeg is an excellent choice for international students because the province offers an edge to international students. Studying at the University of Winnipeg offers you the opportunity to access world-class education with all modern edge facilities paired with affordable tuition fees.

So, this was all about why you should choose the University of Winnipeg for studying. If you wish to apply to the University of Winnipeg and you need help with the application process, then get in touch with Leverage Edu who will assist you in securing your admission to one of the universities of Canada.

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